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Potty Racers Instructions

Right and left arrow keys balance the porta potty. The up arrow key gets you in the porta potty. Numbers 1 through 5 allow you to perform tricks. Space bar allows you to launch rockets.

Potty Racers Walkthrough

Although the game takes a while to load, it is well worth it. The commercial ahead of the game is generally topical and interesting and the game is a blast! The graphics are great for a stick man game and the premise is fun. Racing a porta potty isn't something I can say I've ever wanted to try in real life, but it makes for an interesting game.

The challenge is to master the warm up hill before you can move on to the more challenging Beach Cliff, Happy Hill and Blaster Hill. With each warm up jump, you earn money. Use this money to buy upgrades between levels. I suggest starting with wheels as you will definitely improve your performance. You can also buy tricks which helps you earn more money to buy more upgrades. If you are struggling with height, definitely invest in at least the first level upgrade. You won't just jump higher initially, but you'll also ride further.

Once you make it over a distance of 1,000 and a height of 180, you unlock Happy Hill. Reaching those numbers is nearly impossible without upgrading your potty. Now that is a sentence I never thought I'd be typing. In any event, once you unlock Happy Hill you'll find a new background and much improved height on your jumps right away. Purchase one of the tricks to get 100 extra points, but remember balance is still important. If you crash you still get points, but you don't go nearly as far. It also looks very painful. Poor little stick man. Upgrade as many performance enhancers as you can, wheels, height and fuel, so you can get a better height and distance. Tricks are great and they give you 100 points each, but if you attempt a jump and don't have the room to complete it, you'll crash.

Hit a distance of 1800 with a height of 450 and you'll unlock Beach Cliff. If you have not purchased a rocket by this time, I suggest you do as getting the distance of 2800 you need to complete the level is quite tricky without it. Remember, though, you need to use the rocket before you hit the ground. Launch the rocket while you're in the air by hitting the space bar.

Once you reach Blaster Hill you are in for a treat. This is without a doubt my favorite level in the game but it's definitely the most tricky. Do as many tricks as you can do, buy all the upgrades you can buy and be careful when you use your rockets. This one is a tough, tough level to beat. You need a distance of at least 18,000 and a height of at least 6,000 to beat it and without everything fully upgraded, it's near impossible. If you find that you're a little light on money, do a few rounds doing as many tricks as you can do. You'll still go far if you crash and earn some money, but if you focus on your balance as well and keep your potty from crashing, you'll get a lot further. The graphics in this level are a lot more fun, especially once you pass the normal sky and find your potty surrounded by plants. If you can keep it balances, you'll get a few good jumps in as well. When you finally beat the level, enjoy your celebratory party with all your stick man compadres and start over again to see if you can best yourself.