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Potty Racers 3 Instructions

Potty Racers 3 - if you have played the previous installment in the series, the control scheme of this game should be a piece of cake for you to pick up. For the most part, you will control your Potty Racer using your arrow keys. Sooner or later, you will upgrade this portable toilet of yours into an airplane - one that will go to great heights and distances (hopefully, without spilling poop in the process) once you have bought the necessary upgrades and add-ons. Well, that's just about everything you need to know about the game as far as controls go. Let's have a closer look at it...

Potty Racers 3 Walkthrough

Stick man, stick, or stick figure games (whatever you want to call them) - they are some of the MOST interesting games around...sometimes too violent, sometimes morbid, sometimes disgusting, BUT always FUN. Potty Racers 3 is NOT an exception. If you have played the previous game in the series, then you will have some idea of what you need to do in this game. In this stick figure game, you are in charge of a plane... or a 'soon to be plane' to be more precise. Your goal is to get to the other side of the land. You will start off with a portable toilet and you need to earn money by flying over and over again. The more distance and the greater height you have covered, the more you will earn.

You really shouldn't be worried about how many retries it would take you as you have an unlimited number. And trust me, this is one of those stick figure games you won't want to let go. If I can only use a word to describe this game, 'addictive' would be the most applicable one. Some gamers say it's difficult, BUT I beg to disagree. You just need to do the same thing over and over again: try to fly, buy upgrades, try to fly again, rinse and repeat the whole process until you accomplish the objective. Sounds repetitive? Well, NOT really. The upgrades and the control you get over your flying portable toilet's flight makes the whole repetitive process feel fresh and really absorbing.

Since we are talking about upgrades, let's have a closer look at them: (1) Engine - this is the very first thing or equipment that you should buy. You can buy the best wings, canopy, the most cost effective bio fuel, and everything else... BUT they would NOT matter a bit if you don't have an engine for your flying portable toilet. (2) Tail - by buying the tail, you will have better and smoother control over your plane's flight as well as keeping it well balanced. You sure don't want to start off excellently - bursting into the air only to fall straight into the water in mere seconds. (3) Pair Of Wings - This is another important part of your plane. With the help of a pair of wings, you can travel further. When should you get it? There are no strict guidelines about it, BUT I get these after I have bought the engine; tweaked the speed, fuel, and everything else in between.

And those are just to name some of the upgrades in the game! A flight / stick figure games hybrid that has a weird BUT fun background - give Potty Racers 3 a shot... just don't get carried away and attempt turn your toilet into a space craft.