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Ragdoll Cannon 4 Instructions

A shooting / stick figure game of a unique sort - this is Ragdoll Cannon 4. If you have played the previous installments of the series, the control scheme of Ragdoll Cannon 4 shouldn't be too difficult for you to handle. Just like other games within the genre, you will use your mouse for the most part: (1) move your mouse to aim, and when you are all set, (2) press the left click button to fire away. That's just about everything you need to remember as far as controls go. Let's have a closer look at the game.

Ragdoll Cannon 4 Walkthrough

Are you on the hunt for stick figure games that give you death defying and mind boggling stunts in generous doses? Are you ready to handle the thrill of a physics-based stick figure game that sends ragdolls flying through the air without any trouble? What about the drama, the excitement, and intensity - ready? COOL! If that's the case, you are just a few mouse clicks away. Step right in this way and witness the new entry in the highly esteemed Ragdoll Cannon Series - Ragdoll Cannon 4 brought to us by Johnny-K and Anton!

Just like the previous installments in the Ragdoll Cannon Series, Ragdoll Cannon 4 takes you to a sketch-like and physics based world. The objective of the game is very straightforward and simple to understand: your goal is to fire one or more stick figures (which look A LOT like ragdolls) to a 'HERE' target. HOWEVER, with the obstacles you will encounter along the way, this is easier said than done. To aim your cannon, move your mouse... doing so will also move the target reticle. Once you are all set and you think your cannon is pointing at the RIGHT direction, just hit the left click button to fire. The further away your reticle is from the cannon, the more powerful your shot will get.

Firing is where the fun is at! When you shoot, you let loose a ragdoll flailing through the air. Seeing that ragdoll hit the target is as sweet as it could get... and to make it even better, there are different ragdolls at your disposal. While you have an unlimited amount of normal and bouncy ragdolls, you also have Bomb ragdolls, which, as its name suggests, blows up certain walls when they hit. On the other hand, there are also sticky ragdolls, which is meant for adding weight to certain obstacles. Nah, these new ragdolls are not just for show. With the different obstacles and challenges you will face with the 50 new levels that this stick figure games showcases, you need to learn how to use these different ragdolls to your advantage. The levels (50 of them as I have mentioned) add A LOT of challenge and novelty to the overall experience... and let me warn you, it will surely keep you busy for more than an hour or so.

If you are a HUGE fan of the game play brought by the other and previous installments in the Ragdoll Cannon games series, the 4th incarnation will surely be a treat. The level design has been done very cleverly, which is a staple in the series. It's in full EFFECT in the 4th game - coming at you complete with moving platforms, balls bouncing here and there, strange mechanical contraptions, and A LOT of explosives to top it all off!

Just like an icing on top of the cake, the inclusion of the new ragdoll types, which you can collect on each level, will surely get your brain thinking in different and unusual directions in an effort to solve the puzzles in this stick figure game.

The physics as well as sound effects of this game are also top notch, BUT let me tell you this - the baroque-sounding music / sound track can get quite repetitive. One thing I am a bit disappointed with is that, while the game has awards and achievements like its predecessors, the level editor is nowhere to be found. For puzzle / stick figure game lovers who are looking to step up the challenge by designing their own twisted and mind-boggling levels, the absence of the level editor is surely a 'let down'.

Nevertheless, with the completing game play as well as the 'tried and tested' theme that the series has right from the onset, Ragdoll Cannon 4 has A LOT of entertainment value that will surely satisfy the fans of the stick figure games genre who are looking for MORE high flying antics.