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Ragdoll Invaders Instructions

Ragdoll Invaders is controlled by using the keyboard. The arrow keys are used to move and the spacebar is used to shoot. The P key is used to pause the game and the S key is used to toggle sounds.

Ragdoll Invaders Walkthrough

Ragdoll Invaders is a shooter game that puts put in control of a ragdoll fighting to save Earth from alien invasion. Ragdoll Invaders features a hard-pumping soundtrack, a variety of enemies, and extremely challenging gameplay.

The objective of Ragdoll Invaders is similar to that of any space shooter, destroy all enemies and avoid being destroyed yourself! What makes this game different is that instead of piloting a jet fighter or spacecraft, you are put in control of a stick figure ragdoll that shoots machine gun bullets from the tips of his hands. You are given five lives at the beginning of this ragdoll game, but you may gain more by collecting hearts dropped from defeated enemies. When all lives are lost, the game is over.

Ragdoll Invaders utilizes simple keyboard controls. Use the arrow keys to move your stickman in the respective direction and use the spacebar to shoot. The direction that you shoot in depends on the direction that your stickman's arms are flailing in, and unfortunately, you cannot directly manipulate the movement of his arms. The controls of this ragdoll game seem a bit stiff at times due to inertia, and you must also keep the force of gravity in mind. It is a good idea to keep your stickman upright by applying a small amount of upward force by occasionally tapping the up arrow key.

Not every contact with an enemy bullet will cause instant death in this shooter game. If you are grazed in the leg by an enemy bullet, your stickman will lose the limb, but probably will not die. A direct hit to the body or head will cause instant death, however. It is not a good idea to try to narrowly evade bullets in this ragdoll game since your stickman's limbs flap about and may be hit by the bullet. Instead, it is a good idea to note the shot pattern that your enemies use and to dodge their attacks completely.

Ragdoll Invaders is a unique blend of ragdoll game and SHMUP game. Despite its lack of a diverse arsenal or weapons powerups, fans of space shooter games may appreciate the twist that Ragdoll Invaders takes on the genre!