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Ragdoll Parashooter Instructions

In general, stick figure games are very easy to play. Ragdoll Parashooter is not different. Just like other games in the genre, this is played entirely with the mouse. Just move your mouse to aim for your target, hit the left click button to fire, rinse and repeat the whole process until all of those pesky paratroopers are obliterated. That's about everything you need to keep in mind as far as controls go. Let's have a closer look at the game.

Ragdoll Parashooter Walkthrough

So you love classic games, especially those from the 80's? If you do, I'm sure you have encountered the game called Sabotage, which first came out for Apple II. This game prepared the road for A LOT of paratrooper style / stick figure games on different platforms. PC even has their own version with 1982's Paratrooper. If you miss those games, well, guess what? The wait is all over! Inspired by the fun and exciting game play of the game's mentioned above, Ragdoll Parashooter will surely keep you busy for the hours to come.

How To Play Ragdoll Parashooter: To be honest, it's very straightforward. In this game, you assume the control of a stationary turret, which is located at the bottom part of the screen. You need to stay alive as long as possible. Sounds easy? Well, it does until you realize the skies are raining with paratroopers, tanks in parachutes, etc. But don't fret, you are not helpless against their great numbers. To survive this onslaught, you need to move your mouse and click to fire an infinite stream of bullets to take out those helicopters, transports, paratroopers, etc.

To beef up your weaponry even more, our turret also holds a limited number of powerful ammunition like shotgun shells, rockets, grenades, and MORE. You can toggle these with the number keys 1 to 4. When paratroopers make it to the ground alive, they will run to your turret, eventually form a human pyramid, breach your defenses, and the game will be over. Fortunately, you can throw a limited number of grenades to break them out. BUT don't get too excited, the waves will keep on coming!

As a follow up classic to the paratrooper / stick game I mentioned above, Ragdoll Parashooter does a good job of keeping all of the fun elements intact while adding a few features here and there that will surely satisfy modern gamers. Of course, gone are the days of low graphics and pixelated baddies (although personally, I don't mind pixelated graphics). The design of the game, the animation, the ragdoll physics - all of them arte very neat and flawless.

To make things even meatier, the game showcases sound effects and a sound track that is so epic. This will keep you company on your attempt to survive the paratrooper's onslaught.

As for the levels in the game, they are not made mindlessly. The game showcases 6 different environments that will serve as the stage for the faceoff as well as a series of mini games where you need to take out a couple of enemy units off-screen using different weapons. And to top it all off, the game comes with a couple of upgrades and achievements that will keep you playing again and again and again. As for the upgrades, just like in any survival / stick figure game, they are ESSENTIAL. Read what every upgrade does and make sure you don't get into battle without them.

Just a quick warning before you dive in, this is not an easy game... PERIOD! Things can overwhelm you pretty quickly. It's not at all uncommon to find yourself low on special ammunition just when you need it (grenades immediately come to mind). This is compensated a bit, however, by the ammunition drops. Just be careful not to shoot them. Let them fall on the ground, pick them up, and hurl them back at the baddies.

All in all, I really enjoyed Ragdoll Parashooter. If you are a HUGE fan of stick figure games and parashooter games, I'm sure you will too.