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Rage 3 Instructions

Rage 3 is controlled by using the keyboard. The arrow keys are used to move your character. The A key is used to execute a melee attack, the S key shoots your gun, and the D key executes a special attack when your rage bar is full. The Q and E keys are used to switch melee and ranged weapons respectively. The P key may be used to pause the game.

Rage 3 Walkthrough

Rage 3 is the third and final installment of the Rage series of stick figure games. This game retains the charm of the first two games, but adds improved graphics, smoother controls, and faster-paced gameplay.

The objective of Rage 3 is to complete each level. The adventure mode features four challenging levels. Along the way, you will face a variety of enemies and challenges. To help you in your quest, you will be able to find weapons as well as unlock various abilities!

Rage 3 features a variety of weapons that can be collected. Melee weapons add to your striking power, while ranged weapons allow you to attack your enemies from a distance. The advantage of melee attacks is that they combo faster and thus, increase your rage bar much quicker than ranged weapons do. Ranged weapons also have the disadvantage of requiring ammunition, but allow you to safely harm enemies from a distance. I found myself rarely using ranged weapons, and saving my ammunition for boss fights. Melee weapons were enough to beat the common enemies in each level of this stickman game.

At the end of each level, you will face a boss. Attack the boss when they are completely opaque; if you try to strike the boss while they are translucent, then your efforts will be in vain. Every boss has its own pattern, so be sure to note this pattern in order to defeat the boss. You will not be healed before each boss battle in this stickman game, so try to go into the fight in good health.

Like its predecessors, Rage 3 is a very challenging game. This challenge can be overcome if you learn to balance your weapons wisely. Some weapons do incredible damage, but are very slow. I advise using your fastest melee weapons in order to score combos and quickly increase your rage bar. If your rage bar is over 100, you can use a special attack by pressing the D key. This attack is not incredibly powerful, but can be used to give you some breathing room if you are being swarmed by enemies.

In the case of ranged weapons, you will want to equip the weapon that does the most damage. All of the ranged weapons have about the same rate of fire, and are not so useful in raising your rage bar, so it is best to equip the one that will at least do the most damage. Be sure to break open crates and collect ammunition for your ranged weapons though.

Rage 3 is a fun and addicting stickman game. This masterpiece is well-animated, and scoring combos in this beat-em-up game is very satisfying. If you are a fan of arcade-style action games, then Rage 3 might just be the game for you!