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Rapid Fire Instructions

A hybrid of tower defense and stick man games' elements, the control scheme of Rapid Fire is as easy and as straightforward as it could get. For the most part, you would use your mouse to control your cannon's aim. Located right at the center of the screen, enemies will come from both sides and you just need to move your mouse to the direction where you want your cannon to point to. Once you are ready to fire, just press the left click button or the space bar button to do so. Now, with different enemies going for your throat, the cannon may NOT suffice in some situation. That said, you don't have to worry as you have 3 other weapons that can bring devastation to anything or anyone that gets too close: aside from the regular cannon balls, you have the burst-fire rounds that unleash 3 cannon balls with a single click. There are bombs you can throw for wide-range destruction. And lastly, you can call the aid of an air-strike when the going gets tough. The numbers 1 to 4 are for choosing the weapon of your choice: press 1 for the regular cannon balls, 2 for burst fire rounds, 3 for 4 for the air strike. Just choose the weapon you need by pressing the corresponding number key and you are good to go. With so many levels and waves to deal with, you could end up pressing the left click button of your mouse or the space bar button for hours... and believe me, it could get tiring. BUT don't worry. You can always pause the game by pressing the P button. Take a quick rest and wiggle your hands a bit; take a leak if you want to; and do whatever you need to do. Just press the P button again and resume the shooting action. That's about everything you need to know about the controls. Let's have a closer look at the game.

Rapid Fire Walkthrough

Rapid Fire - personally, this has to be one of the most... how am I supposed to put this? Let's say primitive, primitive and straightforward titles I have encountered. For a stick figure / stick man game, this title doesn't inspire excitement or fun. BUT after playing the game for a good hour or so, it's clear that what the developer lacked in the 'creative naming' department was more than made up for by the game itself. This stick figure game is anything BUT boring! It looks great, it's explosive, and it's rapid firing.

The objective of the game is very straightforward: you are in control of a bunker, turret, or whatever you call it. This immobile and defensive structure you have is right in the middle of the battle field and enemy units will make a bee line towards you in an effort to take you and your bunker out. Samurais and ninjas; stick men armed with bazookas; suicide stick bombers; giant stick men with swords - these guys want you dead. So what should you do? SIMPLE - shoot them... ALL of them.

Looking at this stick figure game, I have to say that it has a very tower defense-esque feel to it. For a level, you are given a minute to survive the enemy barrage and onslaught. Use whatever weapon you need to use within this minute - grenades / bombs, air strikes, burst-fire rounds, and what not. The more enemies you dispose, the HIGHER you score and the MORE dough you bag. But don't just let the cash sit there. After every level, you get to upgrade your weapons and bunker. You can go for a repair kit and restore your health in full if you have taken quite a beating. If you want your bunker to be beefy, go grab the 'Increase Max Health' upgrade. You can also increase the fire rate of your regular cannon, which is always nice. You can buy bombs, rapid-fire rounds, air strikes, and other upgrades that will make the process of dispatching all comers a breeze.

You can even grab an extra anti-air turret when those helicopters armed with .50 caliber Machine gun decide to join the party.

Moving forward to aesthetics and visual appeal, I must give this game 2 thumbs up. I just like how polished it looks. From the background, the spurts of blood from dying enemies, explosions, and everything else in between - all of them just look great and are animated VERY smoothly. And the audio and sound effects definitely help A LOT in enhancing the experience.

Well, enough talk about Rapid Fire. I just paused my game, time to go back and take out some samurais, ninjas, and giants.