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Running Free Instructions

Just like in most flash games scattered all over th net, Running Free comes with very simple controls - all you have to do is use those arrow keys. Up button for jumping, left and right for moving backward or forward, and that's about it!

Running Free Walkthrough

Staying true to its name, Running Free is about, well, running free! BUT mind you, that is NOT as simple as it sounds. Spend less time and as much as possible, don't do die along the way (which is quite impossible as far as I'm concerned). This game is jam packed with obstacles, pit falls, and everything else that would prevent you from reaching the other end.

Slippery floors, pitfalls, stalagmites (or stalactites, I'm not sure) where you will bump your head, which in turn would make you drift and fall - these are just some of the stuff you need to be careful about. One more thing - don't go too fast or the next thing you will realize is that you have drifted deep in the water. Game over!

Graphics and design wise - this is definitely not the best looking flash or arcade game you could ever lay your hands on. HOWEVER, if you are looking for fast paced fun where you can test your finger's reflexes and speed while competing with your friends' time and score, Running Free is a game worth checking out!