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Save the Witness Instructions

The controls of 'Save The Witness' is very typical for the flash-based shooting / stick figure games genre. Just like most games within the category, you will use your mouse for the most part: (1) To start off, aim by moving your mouse's cursor / scope. (2) Once you are all set, press the left click button to shoot your targets. If you need to switch between normal and sniper view, just tap the space bar buttons. Tapping the Z and X keys, on the other hand, will adjust the zoom levels. Well, that's just about everything you need to know as far as control schemes go. Let's have a closer look at 'Save The Witness'.

Save the Witness Walkthrough

The stickman president was assassinated! Who, on the world of stick figures, can bring themselves to pull off such an act? The good news is that the only witness was willing to stand in court and testify. HOWEVER, the bad news is that this guy has the weirdest conditions. He wants a trial without guards and without protection. As an FBI elite sniper, you need to protect him in secret... without him knowing. This is the plot of 'Save The Witness'. Are you good enough to see the game's finish and discover who killed the president? There's only one way to find out: play 'Save The Witness'!

This game has mixed reviews - gamers either love it or hate it. I belong to the former category... I really like this game. To be honest, I don't see why other gamers have to be a jerk over some minor problems. Every flash game has a couple of grammar errors and 'Save The Witness' has its fair share. While not intentional, the errors sort of makes this very serious game funny at some moments.

As for the plot and background story, it had an excellent start - impressive especially when you consider that this is a free and flash-based stick figure game. HOWEVER, as the game progresses, things became obvious and some parts of the story didn't make much sense. While some may think of it as a minor problem, a game of this caliber needs to have NOT just an absorbing BUT, more importantly, consistent story that would keep the players hooked for quite some time.

As for the game play, it was smooth generally BUT there are laggy moments, which I'm sure is NOT because of my hardware. I could spill out the specs of my PC BUT that's another story. In particular, I think improving the smoothness of the aiming should help the game's reputation immensely. BUT there are other components of the game play that I really like too: the concept and focus on rescuing people rather than taking out their attackers is quite a new one for flash-based games like these and I really like it.

Some of the levels in this game could get challenging... REALLY challenging. And I like it that way. If you are someone who expects things to be ABC easy, then this may not be for you. HOWEVER, if you are someone who could sit around long enough to figure things out, eventually, you will beat the game. Some may think that the missions are arbitrary; that they don't make sense; and that there's no way you can get them on the first try. BUT why would you play a game that's so easy you can figure out how to get everything done on the first try?! That's just plain boring!

Here are some examples on how 'Save The Witness' can get: In the first mission, the car comes out of nowhere and that leaves you no time to find it and shoot. Surely, you will fail on the first try. To get past it, you need to fix and switch to a major zoom out mode. This will let you see the car coming down the street... giving you some time to adjust your aim and shoot it.

As for the second mission, you need to shoot the light bulb after the waitress puts tea down on the table. Somehow, by shooting it, the lightbulb drops... drops INTACT to the floor instead of shattering it like a real bullet would. Nah, don't think about shooting the tea cup instead. That doesn't do anything. What baffles me, however, is that since the sheriff knew that the tea was poisoned, why not just inform the witness of this fact?

And those are just to name some of the seemingly random things you need to do if you want to beat 'Save The Witness'. Well, for those of you who just don't have the time to sit down and figure things out on your own, here's a quick walkthrough that may help:

Scene 1- 'Accident': Shoot the car before it hits the witness

Scene 2 - 'Tea Pot': Shoot the lamp that's directly above the tea cup.

Scene 3 - 'Bombasement': Shoot the fire alarm when the witness sits down at the computer. Apparently, he won't notice the alarm while he's walking. REALLY odd, don't you think?!

Scene 4 - 'One Night Stand': Once you see the sniper, shoot the street light.

Scene 5 - 'The Bunker': Shoot the crouching guard first. Next, take out the second guard who's holding a gun. Bear in mind that you should only do this after the guy walks outside of the building.

The game has 8 levels / scenes. So you may be asking, where's the rest of the walkthrough? Come on! Are you really that lazy? I'm leaving out the last 3 levels as putting up a walkthrough for it would spoil the story / plot that this stick figure game has... which means you won't have as much fun. Get those creative juices going and solve the puzzles in this puzzling shooter / stick figure game - 'Save The Witness'!