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When it comes to control schemes, stick figure games have some of the easiest ones. For the most part, you just need to use your mouse. As long as you know how to point and click, you are good to go. HOWEVER, let me warn you: stick figure games are anything BUT easy. And that's very true with Serendipity in 2D! Let's have a closer look at this experimental and arty flash-based online game.

Serendipity in 2D Walkthrough

Serendipity - this mystical force, sometimes called divine intervention, sure has a knack for making desirable discoveries by accident. Not to mention it makes Sri Lanka a little more mysterious since the place was once called Serendip. Anyway, I'm not one to initiate a heated debate whether serendipity exists or what have you... BUT I would say that the title of this game is very apt! Someone will die in the process, someone will be saved from the fangs of death, and another one will fall in love. Arty - this game is very arty and even experimental. When you start it off, you view a hospital with the walls cut away... allowing you to see who's inside the hospital in which room and what precisely they are doing.

Using your all-powerful cursor, you need to orchestrate a chain of events that will lead ULTIMATELY to three things: (1) saving someone from death, (2) helping someone find love, and lastly (3) someone dying. For those who have played ImmorTall, the sad tale of a visiting space alien who saw man's worst and best moments, nah, this isn't quite like it. In this game, you ARE serendipity... you are that mystical force that can alter events and get different results. Looking at the game, I MUST say that this is a VERY clever puzzle game. As I have mentioned, you need to get all of the 3 things mentioned, and here's the hard part, you can only achieve all of those with an EXACT sequence of events. EXACT sequence and there is only ONE. So how are you supposed to uncover that sequence? Well, trial and error! And there's no way around it. This game requires EXTENSIVE trial and error as well as precise pixel hunting and clicking skills. If you are accustomed to such game play, you will surely dig this game.

As you click around the hospital, you will uncover small and seemingly insignificant sequences. Some of the sequences are misleading - it could make a crucial character in an even leave too early. YES, many of the pivotal characters in different events have to be distracted just at the right time. Maybe you are doing something RIGHT but at the wrong time. All of these factors need to be taken in consideration to find and crack the full sequence of events, which doesn't really last long. I MUST warn you: the more you click, the more you suck. This is one of the hints in the game, and I cannot overemphasize how true it is. Think before you click buddy.

If you are one of those online and flash-based gamers who dig stick figure games that allow you to poke around and, in this case, find the secret and golden path to life, death, and love, Serendipity in 2D is something you will surely enjoy. For many, this game will surely cause a lot of frustration... leading to howls of disbelief (trust me, I even cursed a lot when playing). That's especially true for those sequences where timing seems to depend more on sheer luck rather than skill. HOWEVER, it's all worth it when you finally figure out everything... the whole sequence. Nah, there are no prizes or achievements aside from a romantic evening, BUT the satisfaction of figuring everything out on your own is definitely worth it (at least for me). If that doesn't cut it for you, then I would suggest side-stepping this game. But can you really afford to let go of the chance of finding life, death, and love for the little characters? Can you miss the chance of playing as a force inexplicable yet so powerful? Well, I can't.

Moving forward, for those of you who are really having a hard time cracking the game, here are events that you need to trigger at the RIGHT sequence. Take a look:

(1) The nurse needs to save the guy. If you kill the guy with a heart attack with the nurse on the first floor, there's nothing she can do... and she won't care.

(2) Break the TV after the guy with the glasses sits down, BUT do that just before the helicopter lands.

(3) Next to step 2, you need to jam the steam valve OPEN. I repeat OPEN not closed. Do that and call the helicopter.

(4) See that windy cloud? You have to click on it before the suicide guy on top of the building saves the helicopter guy. Fail to do that and you will miss your chance.

(5) Burn down the house before the ambulance comes.

(6) Lastly, you need to wake up the guy on the couch before the surgeon comforts the nurse in the previous sequence.

And... well, I'm not going to spill any more beans about the sequences. Come on, it's NOT fun when everything is spoon fed! The rest is up for you to figure out. Now another word of warning: there are a couple of things that are hard to time RIGHT and I think it would help if you know it: (1) The helicopter pilot's dash, (2) the coffee pot breaking and the doctor leaving (if he leaves too late, he gets drafted into cleaning up the mess), and lastly, (3) shutting off the power for the defibrillator.

Alright, I've done you a lot of favor with all of those hints, warnings, and tips. Now it's your turn to do our little characters a favor: help them find love, life, and death. Go!