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Shoot'm Instructions

The controls of Shoot 'M is as easy and as straightforward as it could get. As long as your mouse is good to go, you can play this game: a couple of clicks to get the game started in the right direction; more clicks to pick the right weapon; and a lot more clicks to put that stick man into a world of hurt. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard controls: (1) Press A to use your bare hands and pummel the life out of that stick man. (2) Press S to switch to the previous weapons. And lastly, (3) press D to switch to the next weapon. Well, that's everything you need to know as far as the control scheme goes. Let's have a closer look at this popular stick figure game...

Shoot'm Walkthrough

What if you could take a stick figure that could just stand there and take whatever beating you have to give it? Yeah, it won't nag or fight back when you make it eat your fists. While it will dodge some of your bullets, it will not fire back... it will stay right in front of you waiting for you to pull the trigger once again. What if you have that? I'm sure the world would be a better place to live in. We won't have to vent out our anger and stress to other people! We can always keep boredom at bay! And fortunately, such a stick figure / punching bag / bull's eye target hybrid exists. It's here at Shoot'm!

In this game, your goal is as straightforward as it could get: earn as many cash as you can handle by putting that stick figure in a world of hurt. And you can be as primitive or as sophisticated as you can get with the 30 different weapons and explosives you have at your disposal. Want to make your stick figure dance with bullets? NO PROBLEM! There's a host of pistols, sniper rifles, automatic guns, etc. in your arsenal. On the other hand, if nothing satisfies you better than using your bear hands to make someone bend and break, you can use your hands to punch, strangle, throw, and slap that hapless stick man... although he won't break, which is nice as it means you go on for as long as you like. Want to play it like a swordsman? Grab the katana and slice him, mince him, make him bleed!

There are various weapons and upgrades in the game - the more upgrades you purchase, the more powerful your weapons get. Along with that, they also earn you more cash the more you use them. Most of the weapons on show in Shoot'm have a primary version and 2 upgrades. Some of them have special characteristics and abilities that you sure want to check out. For example: you can use the X button when you have the Acid / Oil Gun. Doing so will activate the oil... allowing you to hurt him infinitely MORE when you fire away with your flame thrower.

Looking for an easy trick to keep the cash flowing? Here's one: use the thermostat! Both ends of the thermostat will surely hurt him - the other one would make him burn and run around, while the other end will turn him into an ice cube. Just alternate between these 2 ends of the thermostat until you get the amount of cash you want... until you have enough dough to buy all of the upgrades available. A perfect game for those who need to release their stress and anger - check out Shoot' M NOW!