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Shopping Cart Hero Instructions

Run using the right arrow key. Jump into shopping cart using the up arrow key. Jump using the up arrow key. Balance your cart in the air using the left and right arrow keys. Perform 'superman' (if available) by pressing the up arrow key, the left arrow key and the down arrow key in that order. Perform a handstand by pressing the up arrow key twice and then the down arrow key in that order.

Shopping Cart Hero Walkthrough

Shopping Cart Hero is without a doubt one of the best stick games online simply because it offers a basic premise, easy to use controls but a rather difficult challenge. Add to that the great upgrades and cute but simple graphics and you have an incredibly addictive and entertaining game. While many stick figure games try to make up for their relative simplicity with a lot of bells and whistles, this one embraces that simplicity. While there are upgrades you can take advantage of, the game itself couldn't be more basic. You play the game as a stick figure, as you would in most stick games, who wants nothing more than to be a hero. How do you become a hero? By running down a hill, jumping into a shopping cart and trying to ride that cart as far as you can. What's heroic about that? Not dying, for one. Crash once and you'll see. It's not pretty. Avoiding crashes is actually fairly hard, but getting the cart to travel a decent distance is definitely the biggest challenge the game presents. That's what the upgrades are there for.

Upgrades are a vital part of Shopping Cart Hero. Upgrades are a fairly standard offering in stick games, but the ones in this game are a bit different. You have wheel upgrades, rocket jet upgrades, groupie upgrades and trick upgrades. Wheel and rocket upgrades should be purchased as soon as possible. They'll help you move down the hill much more quickly giving you more height on your jump and more distance. Although the last rocket jet upgrade is called 'this is not safe' go ahead and give it a try. I've played with it several times with no ill consequences. Groupie upgrades are a lot of fun. What better way to know you're on your way to becoming the shopping cart hero than picking up a few groupies to take a ride with you. Just be careful. If you crash and kill them, you'll have to buy new groupies. If you land successfully, those groupies will stick with you. Trick upgrades are excellent additions to the game. When you first start playing, you basically only have the height and distance you travel to get a score on, but with trick upgrades, you get two different tricks you can perform which will add to your score. Keep in mind though, if you want points for the trick, you have to land it successfully. Performing the tricks isn't really all that difficult and if you get high enough, you can perform multiple tricks in one jump. If you get good height and perform a few tricks, it's not that hard to get a score over two thousand.

The greatest thing about Shopping Cart Hero is that is actually fairly difficult but is also not so difficult you won't want to continue playing. It offers a challenge without feeling impossible. The only way to do well in this game is to time your jump well, earn money for the upgrades and focus on balancing your shopping cart for your landing while you're still in the air. Success is a combination of all of these things and failing in even one of those areas will hurt your score. At the end of every jump, you're shown the amount of money you earned for the jump. If you did well on the jump but crashed in the end, you'll still earn a bit of money which isn't something that can be said in many of the other stick games online. Failing to successfully complete a goal doesn't mean your game is over. It just means you have to try harder next time. The other aspect of this game that separates it from the other stick figure games online is that your goal is basically always the same. There are no levels you need to conquer. There are no new enemies or obstacles you need to confront. You just need to do what you can to get a decent score on your jump so you can earn money for upgrades or to beat your previous high score.

Timing your jump in Shopping Cart Hero isn't really all that difficult. It's just a matter of paying attention to the indicators shown to you. The element of timing isn't something terribly uncommon in stick games, but it's fairly important here. There are two indicators as you travel down the hill; the first telling you when to get into your cart and the second telling you when to jump. If you get in and jump at the right time, you'll see a red bar appear at the bottom of the screen. If the red bar is full, you hit the indicator perfectly. The fuller the red bar is, the better your timing was. Try to hit the up arrow key just as your cart gets to the indicator and you should do fine. Hitting these indicators at the right time will determine how high your jump is and what kind of distance you get. A lot of height on a jump is great. It gives you more room to perform tricks if you've purchased the ability to do so. Tricks boost your score which boosts the amount of money you get. Try to squeeze multiple tricks in to get the highest possible score. Just make sure you leave yourself enough time to balance your cart so you can land your jump. If you don't, you'll almost certainly crash.

Overall, Shopping Cart Hero is an addictive, engrossing and fun stick figure game that will keep you entertained regardless of your skill or experience level with stick figure games. Because this game is so unusual, newcomers and experienced players of stick games will start off on equal footing. Experience in the genre won't really give you an advantage in this game because it's so different than all of the other games. That's what makes it so appealing to such a wide range of game fans. You don't have to be a stickman game fanatic to get into this one, but if you are, you're going to love the fact that you can do something completely different without abandoning the genre entirely. This is a must play game for any fan of online games and is destined to be a classic.