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Shopping Cart Hero 2 Instructions

Begin running down the hill by pressing and holding down the right arrow key. Jump into the shopping cart using the up arrow key. Jump off the ramp using the up arrow key. Perform tricks (when available) and use special upgrades using arrow key combinations. Use baseball bat (when available) by pressing 'space'.

Shopping Cart Hero 2 Walkthrough

Shopping Cart Hero is back with the next excellent installment in the ultimate stickman game series Shopping Cart Hero 2. Everything stick game fans loved about the first game is present in the second with several improvements making this not only a worthy follow up, but also even more enjoyable than the first. While the game is more entertaining than the original, it is also more expensive. Points are harder to collect in this one making the upgrades feel a bit harder to get and as any fan of the first game knows, you need to get upgrades if you want to do well in this game. There are more upgrades in this one and more tricks to perform. It's rare that the sequel game can hold a candle to the original let alone surpass it, but this one definitely does. Likely the most appealing thing about this game is that you really don't need experience with the first game to play this one. It helps, but even newcomers to this stick figure game series will be able to get the hang of how the game is played. The basic controls are simple and straightforward. It isn't really until you start getting into tricks that things start getting a little more complicated but even then, it's just a matter of having fast fingers on the arrow keys.

Shopping Cart Hero 2 follows the same premise as its predecessor. You want to be the shopping cart hero so you run down a hill with your cart, jump in, fly off the ramp at the end of the hill and try to get as high into the air and travel as far as you can, landing safely in the end without crashing. To land your cart successfully, you'll need to make sure you balance your cart while it's still in the air. If you hit the ground at a bad angle, you will crash. It's as simple as that. The moment you start coming down from the height of your jump, start balancing. If you've unlocked tricks, you can still perform tricks if you have time, but make sure you focus more on balance. Performing tricks is great and will earn you a lot of bonus points, but only if you land without crashing. There are upgrades, however, that can help you earn points even if you crash. These upgrades work by boosting your style. The only downside of these upgrades is that you will have to repurchase many of these upgrades if you crash. They're still worth it as, crash or not, style upgrades help boost your overall score. These upgrades are great for newcomers who aren't having a lot of luck with tricks. More experienced players can wait until later in the game to purchase style upgrades as they'll have a little more control over the cart. Newcomers, on the other hand, should get style upgrades right away. They'll help you earn points for more beneficial upgrades (such as cart upgrades or tricks) that will be needed to get a good score.

Tricks can be a bit difficult to pull off in Shopping Cart Hero 2, but there are significant improvements to the tricks you can perform in this game compared to the tricks you could perform in the previous game. For starters, you have both air and ground tricks you can perform which isn't something that can be said of the first installment in the series. Although there really aren't many stick figure games out there like this game, the tricks you can perform are really what sets it apart from all of the other stick figure games online. Performing tricks will test your memory and challenge you to remember specific arrow key combinations. When you hover your mouse over the trick in the upgrade screen, you are shown what arrow key combination you need to use to complete the trick. For example, to perform an 'up-n-out' air trick, you need to press the up arrow key three times in a row. This is the easiest trick to perform and likely the one most people will choose to unlock first as it's also the least expensive air trick you can get. The least expensive ground trick is the 'wheelie' which you'll perform by pressing the up arrow key twice and the down arrow key once. To get more time on your wheels and earn more points for the trick you can hold down the down arrow key. Just be careful you don't crash, especially if you perform a wheeling while you're still bouncing after your landing. When performing tricks, the most important thing to remember is that you need to make sure you have enough room to land your jump successfully. You'll still get points for the trick if you complete it - even if you crash - but you'll lose most of those points as a penalty for crashing. Tricks offer a lot of extra points and are a great way to get a high score, especially if you can perform more than one trick in one jump, but they won't offer much benefit if you don't land the jump. Start performing tricks just as you reach the height of your jump. You can still perform tricks as you're landing, but make sure you leave yourself time to balance. Watch the color of the sky. The sky gets a lighter color blue as you get closer to the ground. Use this to judge how much time you have. Finally, ground tricks are a great way to rack up additional points even if you don't get a lot of points for the trick itself. You can often perform multiple tricks as you roll to a stop. If you have more than one trick unlocked, try to perform combos for even more points.

Overall, Shopping Cart Hero 2 is fairly similar to the first game in the series and that's not a bad thing at all. The first game in the series sought to set itself apart from most of the other stick figure games online and it did a great job of that. The sequel builds on the already strong foundation built by its predecessor and ends up being one of the most entertaining and addictive stick figure games online. Any fan of the genre is going to love this game. It's simple and straightforward. The graphics are basic yet entertaining. The upgrades are beneficial and fun to strive for. Beginner and experienced stick figure game fans are going to have a blast trying to get a high score with this one. This is a game that anyone can play and enjoy. If you consider yourself a fan of stick figure games, Shopping Cart Hero 2 is a game you just can't pass up. Give it a shot. You'll have a blast.