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Another shooting and stick man game, action packed like Sift Heads - Sierra 7. The controls are very easy to handle: all you have to do is point and click to shoot down your enemies. When you are prompted to open doors, just hit the space bar button. When you need to reload, press the R button and Q to cycle the weapons. Nothing too fancy or complicated...

Sierra 7 Walkthrough

Sierra 7 - if you are on the hunt for a REALLY action packed first person shooter, this game is one that you must check out. Putting you in the shoes of a special operative unit known as Sierra, the action starts and never stops from the very first seconds!

HOWEVER, to be precise, Sierra 7 is no ordinary shooter. It's a rail shooter to be more specific. What it means is that the movement is done by the game for you... taking you through a predetermined course and allowing you to focus more on shooting down enemies and completing missions.

With 7 missions to take on, this game will surely keep you busy for a good hour or so... staving off boredom and injecting you with pure doses of action packed fun. Before starting a level, you can click on Load Out. This allows you to choose whch weapon to take with you (well, they have to be unlocked first). You can go in like Rambo with a machine gun or be like McClane using only pistols. Whichever way you want to go, when you are all set, just hit Execute to start your mission. By the way, you need to complete missions within the time limit and don't get killed!

What I really like about Sierra 7 is the fairly realistic gameplay. When you aim for the head, you will take down the enemy as long as you make a clear shot. The guns, they behae and load realistically and the same thing can be said with the enemies. Nah, none of them seem to have a laser headshot vision when they fire at you. There are also missions when you need to use a sniper rifle and take out enemies from afar... and you need to take into account factors like speed and direction. And to make replays even more challenging, the enemy locations are nicely randomized each time you do a reload.

Tips To Remember: Always check your bullets when the game pauses in front of a door. Reload when you need to. BUT bear in mind. You only have limited ammunition and any bullets you don't use before a reload is lost. Maximize the use of your ammo.

Playing on low quality will improve the game's speed. Tone it down. To do so, just go to the options menu and that's it.

Tweaking the difficulty can be done before a game or after the game. If you change the difficulty after the game (which is kinda senseless), you will lose all of those mission specific awards and emblems, though you get to keep the general ones like 25 Pistol Kills and the like.

When you don't move in a scene for a second or two, be ready. That means you will be attacked from multiple directions!