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Sift Heads 0 Instructions

In this game that started it all, you will be playing as the baby Vinnie, who grows up to be the finest bounty hunter as shown in the Sift Heads World. You will be using your mouse's left click primarily and a lot of creative juices. The controls are pretty much the same with Sift Heads 1 and Sift Heads 2. Just use your mouse to aim and then left click to fire with your weapon or anything that you have with you.

Sift Heads 0 Walkthrough

Sift Heads 0 - this is the starting point where Vinnie's quest to be the best sifter and bounty hunter started. In this game, your thinking skills and creative juices matter more than your aim. Well, your aim's precision still matters BUT it would be useless if you can't figure out where to aim at or what to do in the missions.

How do you kill your Match teacher accidentally? How do you punish that agile and fast moving cat who ripped your Teddy Bear apart while you are seated, unable to move around and fastened to a high chair? These are just some of the missions in Sift Heads 0. You need to complete all of these and learn your way out of school.

There will be some hints that pop out of the screen. Be on the watch for these! These will help you complete your mission, which is insanely difficult at first sight.

Mind you though - in many of the missions, you will NOT be armed with a gun. BUT does that matter? You are Vinnie! The best bounty hunter and the top menace for those criminal organizations. Seeing a baby punish a cat and a Math teacher is sick. And seeing that baby get out of school and become the best head sifter is even sicker! This is Sift Heads 0 - get ready for some mind boggling action you won't get anywhere else.