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Sift Heads 3 Instructions

Move left using 'a'. Move right using 'd'. Jump using 'w'. Block using 's'. Stab using the left mouse button. Perform power attacking by clicking with the left mouse button while holding down 's'.

Sift Heads 3 Walkthrough

Vinnie is back and hungry for revenge in Sift Heads 3, the third installment in the wildly successful Sift Heads stick game series. Vinnie's home has been destroyed and he is not happy about it at all. Armed with a knife, he rushed to the building he knows to house those responsible for the destruction ready to dole out his own special brand of justice and claim vengence as his. This excellent and intense stick game will have you on the edge of your seat as your fighting skills are put to the test. You have to take out enemy after enemy as you climb closer and closer to your target who is waiting for you on the roof. Will Vinnie have the revenge he wants so badly? Well, that's really up to you. Considering this is the Sift Heads series, though, I wouldn't hold out hope for an ending that ties everything up perfectly. Where would the fun be in that? One of the things this series has so consistently done well is leaving the player wanting more with every game. Hard to do that when everything wraps up neatly.

Sift Heads 3 is probably such a strong entry in the series because it breaks away from the premise we've come to expect from these games, even if only slightly. The game is still true enough to the series that it won't alienate fans who love the game and balk at the idea that the story is played out while still appealing to fans that want to see something a bit different. It really offers something that will satisfy most of the series' fan base. Of course, there will be those that argue, as they always do, that the game it too short, but one only has to consider what the game would feel like if it went on much longer than it does. Sure the fighting is hard and it will pose a challenge but how many guys with bats can you really battle before it starts feeling a bit stale. Vinnie could find a gun and some ammo, but then its really no different from any of the other games in the series. It might be a bit short for experienced players who have honed their skills, but the game stays entertaining from beginning to end. The fact that it doesn't go on as long as many of the other stick games online is actually a pretty big advantage when you look at it in the grand scheme of things. Better than to cut off when the game is still good than go on for levels and lose your interest.

In a lot of ways, Sift Heads 3 is simpler than the previous games in the series. You don't have to worry about ammo or reloading. This one gives you the basics - something that can't really be said for many of the other stick games online. There is little information on the screen you need to concern yourself with. That is extremely appealing to many fans of games in this genre because the focus here is entirely on the fighting instead of a lot of extra bells and whistles that really only complicate things instead of actually adding anything to the game. Your job here is to take out the enemy and all of his men that try to stop you. Sure there are some tricky parts. You have to escape a falling elevator. You have to fend off a baddie in a hat wielding two blades instead of the baseball bat baring thugs you have to deal with through most of the game. Even so, the real bulk of the game is straight ahead fighting. You'll take a little damage, but there are energy bonuses throughout the game that will keep you going. Possibly the biggest advantage though is something not terribly uncommon in stick games - frequent save points. There will be places that are harder to pass than others and you might die several times in one part. Instead of having to start from the beginning, you'll start from the last check point. That makes the game a lot less frustrating although, I will admit, there's little more annoying than getting all the way to the end, only to screw up and have to start from the beginning of that floor. Remember though, if you got through it once, you'll be able to get through it again.

One of the things that makes Sift Heads 3 so appealing is that anyone can play it and not feel completely overwhelmed thanks to the three levels of difficulty the player can choose from. Newcomers to this type of stick game can choose to start out on 'easy' and get a feel for how the game is played. If it's a little too difficult, give it time. As you play you will improve and eventually, you may even be able to tackle a harder difficulty setting. Alternatively, if you're looking for a real challenge, give one of the harder difficulty settings a try first. If you can't handle it, try again at a lower setting. Remember though, the game starts off fairly easily but it gets much more difficult as you progress. Give it a chance to get harder before you switch to a higher difficulty setting or you might find yourself unprepared. The best way to do well in this game is to keep your fingers ready on the navigational keys. If you're being attacked by more than one enemy at once and they're coming at you from both sides, try to jump to get to one side of them. It's much easier to defend yourself that way. Also, it's important that you take advantage of the block feature. If you don't, you could find yourself in serious trouble.

Overall, Sift Heads 3 is a worthy addition to the Sift Heads series. It's different enough to separate itself from the other games in the series and most of the other stick games online but also similar enough to keep tried and true fans of the series happy. Newcomers and experienced stick game players alike are going to be able to enjoy this game, even if it is a bit difficult for the newcomers. Time and practice will be a great benefit to anyone struggling with the game. Have patience. You'll get the hang of it. The game does get fairly difficult, but it wouldn't fit in with the series if it was easy. If you consider yourself a fan of the series or just stick games in general, this is a game you can't pass up.