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Sift Heads 4 Instructions

In Sift Heads 4 - also known as Vinnie's Paradise, you need to use your mouse a lot for aiming, the left click for shooting. Pretty simple. Nothing complicated with the controls. BUT the game itself? I'm sure It's going to keep you thinking before you fire with that Beretta or that Dragunov!

Sift Heads 4 Walkthrough

In Sift Heads 4, the streets of Chicago are now cleaned up - out of Mafias and criminals thanks to Vinnie's efforts. Unfortunately, Vinnie is NOT someone to take pleasure in just sitting on a couch and watch TV. So what does he do? Simple! Go for an international hunt with his girlfriend Shorty!

Montreal, Italy, Tokyo, Japan, Cairo - these are just some of the wild locations that await you. Bring your Beretta and get ready to sift heads. HOWEVER, this game is more than just aiming and shooting. Think about it - how are you going to kill 2 weapons dealer when everyone is sight looks the same (stick figures)? Are you fast enough to kill a running man? What about killing an old political figure (who is hated by everyone) and make it look like an accident? YES, your logic is just as important as your aim and fast firing skills.

Earn cash as you complete every mission in Sift Heads 4 and use it to buy high powered weapons, making you an even more effective head sifter. By the way, if you want to earn the highest point and get the highest ranking (sifter) after every mission, spend the least amount of ammunition possible to complete your mission or take out your target.

Go in an international hunt with Sift Heads 4 now!