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Sift Heads 5 Instructions

Use your mouse to move and shoot (that's the left click button just in case you don't know). Need to switch to aggressive mode and pick up your weapon? No problem, just hit the spacebar and that's it. And as for reloading your weapon, just hit R on your keyboard.

Sift Heads 5 Walkthrough

In Sift Heads 5, Vinnie is back in town, doing what he does best. And that is sifting the heads of outlaws and criminals. BUT Vinnie has a problem. While he was on vacation, the Grey Mafia he just dispose has been regrouping. Now, getting rid of them isn't much of a problem. Taking out the members of this clan was never a hard task for the famous and witty Vinnie.

BUT, now, a deadly assassin is about to interfere with his moves. This assassin is bent on killing him and fuelled by revenge. Who is this assassin? His identity will definitely surprise you. Play Sift Heads 5 and find out who he is.

Just like in other episodes of the Sift Heads series, your quick thinking skills is just as important as your aim in Sift Heads 5. No, you cannot just go around shooting people (or stick figures to be precise). You need to think before you fire. Sift Heads 5 - this episode will surely keep you busy and entertained for a long time!