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Sift Heads Assault Instructions

Sift Heads Assault is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. The A and D keys are used to run and the W key is used to jump. The S key is used to roll (while running) or can be held to lift objects. The spacebar is used to pick up items. The Q key switches weapons and the R key reloads your current weapon. The mouse is used to aim and to shoot. The P key pauses the game.

Sift Heads Assault Walkthrough

Sift Heads Assault is a side game in the Sift Heads series of stick figure games. This shooting game features outstanding graphical effects, despite being a stick game, an impressive arsenal, and action-packed gameplay.

Rather than following the storyline established in prior Sift Heads games, Sift Heads Assault focuses purely on action. Your objective is to survive for as long as possible while killing as many enemies as you can. The game continues indefinitely until your health has been depleted. After your death, you will be awarded money based on your performance to buy equipment to sift more heads on your next playthrough.

If you want to live longer and kill more enemies in this stick figure game, you will have to purchase better equipment. You probably won't be able to purchase that M4 carbine right from the start, so save your money after a few playthroughs until you can afford the weapons that you want. Weapons aren't the only equipment that you can buy in this stick game; you can purchase armor and health upgrades to survive longer and sunglasses to look spiffy as you gun down your foes!

Sift Heads Assault uses a combination of keyboard and mouse controls. The A and D keys are used to move your character left and right respectively. Press the S key when running to roll and the W key to jump. The mouse is used to aim and to shoot. The Q key is used to switch weapons and the R key reloads your weapon. If you run low on ammunition, ammo will spawn on the ground; walk over it and press the spacebar to pick it up. Taking cover is important to avoid damage in this shooting game. You can sometimes move objects that you are taking cover behind by holding down the S key while moving to set up a barricade. Unfortunately, you cannot shoot from behind cover, so you will have to expose yourself to fire in order to fight back.

If you are a gamer that needs your games to have a storyline, then steer clear of Sift Heads Assault, but if you are a fan of straightforward action then this stick game is perfect for you. Fans of casual shooting games will have a blast playing this stick figure game!