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Sift Heads World - Act 2 Instructions

The controls in Sift Heads World - Act 2 is pretty simple - you just press the left click to shoot or do some action, tap space bar to grab your weapon and go on aggressive mode, press R to reload your weapon in the heat of the battle, and use Q to switch the quality. As you can see, the controls are pretty much the same with Sift Heads World Act 1. HOWEVER, the story is very different and will keep you on the edge of your seats.

Sift Heads World - Act 2 Walkthrough

In the second episode of Sift Heads World, the story takes you back to Chicago after Kiro, Shorty, and the famous Vinnie disposed the Italian Mafia in Palermo, Italy. HOWEVER, you are now taken to Tokyo, Japan to face a new breed of menace - the Yakuza!

We all know how torturing and terrible the Yakuza could get (just take a look at how Kiro mercilessly kills his enemies if you don't have any idea). HOWEVER, for you to know the full story behind Sift Heads World - Act 2, you need to finish the Sift Renegade series (Parts 1 and 2) which is just as exciting and action packed.

This episode of Sift Heads World has truckloads to offer - Vinnie, Shorty, and Kiro are now facing the Yakuza. And they flew all the way to Tokyo, Japan to get the job done. With 2 new weapons and 17 different costumes, you can tweak and dress your character in accordance to your personal taste and preference. Not to mention it comes with more missions for you to take one - 20 of them!

PLUS, in Sift Heads World Act 2 you can continue with your Bounty Hunter Account, allowing you to beef up your stats as well as your items taken from Sift Heads World Act 1. And those are just to name a few!