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Sift Heads World - Act 4 Instructions

Being a stickman and shooting game, Sift Heads World Act 4's control scheme is a little more intense than your average stick figure game. You need to use your mouse to shoot down the enemies that come across you... fire with the left click button. Hit the space bar to pick up your weapon. Once you run out of ammo (which is not a problem if you are using Shiro's blade), just hit the R button. This shooting and stick man game can also be stressful for your computer's graphics card (especially those that are made during the dinosaur's era). To switch quality and tone down the graphics, just press the Q button. OK, enough with the controls, let's take a closer look at the game...

Sift Heads World - Act 4 Walkthrough

Easily one of the best and most popular shooting and stick man game series around - this is Sift Heads! If in the previous installments, Vinnie takes the spotlight, this time around, the story revolves around Shorty. She goes all the way back to Russia where her past resurfaces and the guys Vinnie and Shorty bring her reinforcements.

YES, things will heat up as our lady assassin tries to find the answers to her personal questions in Russia. And she needs the full backing of her team mates to come out on top. Sift Heads is a shooting and stick man game series where good decision making and patience is a MUST. Nah, you can't go trigger happy in this game. If you are having trouble getting past the initial stages, here's the walkthrough for the first 4 levels...

Mission 1: Vinnie Never Sleeps - After the cut scene where Vinnie and Kiro is in the heli, there will be a flash back of the team's exploits on the beaches of California. Just pick your assassin to get this mission started. As for your target, wait til he stops walking and he leans on the edge of the boat. Make the shot! Shoot earlier and you will fail the mission. Remember, patience is a virtue...especially if you are playing Sift Heads!

Mission 2: Smuggling Flight - After the animated sequence where Shorty reads her sister's letter, you will find yourself in the Chicago safe house. Go immediately to the airport. Bring your tranquilizer gun with you and put those guards you meet to sleep so you can head on your way before the alarm is sounded. Go to the employee entrance and enter.

Mission 3: Staff Meeting - Before starting the 3rd mission, it's a good idea to grab some guns. Believe me, you are going to need it. Once you are in Russia, go to the bar using the Jeep. After Shorty speaks to Cherry, get rid of all the enemies in the Club. You will get the information you need for the next mission.

Mission 4: Blinding Storm - Proceed to the cottages located to the north of the city. Just shoot all of the enemies you find. Continue with your trip until you find the GPS.

There you go. This mini walkthrough should help you get past the first 4 levels and get a feel for the game if this is your first time playing Sift Heads.