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Sift Heads World - Act 5 Instructions

The controls of this game (which is primarily a first person shooting game) are a little more complicated than your average stick man game like Line Rider and company where you only use directional keys or mouse for the most part. Use your mouse to shoot down enemies (fire with the left click button). To pick up weapons along the way, use the space bar button. And once you are out of ammunition, hit the R button to reload and continue the shooting action. Still, not very complicated. By the way, if your computer is having a hard time handling the graphics of this game, which is above average compared to other free flash games, just hit the Q button. Onto the game...

Sift Heads World - Act 5 Walkthrough

In Sift Heads World - Act 5, the team goes into a safari excursion... exploring the depths of Amazonian Rain Forest in search for an expensive and exotic artifact. Sounds easy to handle especially when you are hunting with the 3 best bounty hunters in the world.

HOWEVER, this lucrative expedition you are in is easily interrupted by the local mercenaries who are out to make money on their own... even at the expense of your heads. As it turns out, this mission is much more arduous than sailing on riverbanks and searching in an uncharted forest! YES, this game is MUCH more than shooting down enemies in sight. If this is your first time playing Sift Heads, the mini walkthrough below will help you get past the first 4 levels...

Mission 1: Without A Map - Right after the intro sequence, you need to get to the riverbank and take the boat. By the way, mercenaries will come from left, right, and center to stop you. Well, no biggie. Shoot them down... everyone that gets in your way. After that, click on the boat and head for the safe house.

Mission 2: On the Trail - To open the Amazon Map, just click on the trail signs. Head for the North Road. After that, follow the trails in the forest until you find the third one. You should find some tire treads located in the mud on the bottom right part of the screen. Click on the tire treads. This will reveal the location of the mercenaries. Scan that guy in the far right of the screen... located right behind the trees.

Mission 3: Head Over Heels - Once you have found the guy who has the idol, you have walked right into a trap. To get out of it, shoot all of the mercenaries while you are upside down... and to free yourself, shoot the rope.

Mission 4: Fireworks - Here's the bad news: the truck has left with the idol and you need to intercept it on the East Road bridge. HOWEVER, you need to get some explosives first. To do so, head for the village's gun shop. Buy some C4 explosives. Go back to the East Road and set up the C4 bombs on the beams right below the bridge. Once the second truck has passed, detonate it... wait until it is right over the beams with the explosives.