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Sift Renegade 2 Instructions

Just like Sift Renegade, Sift Renegade 2's controls require abusing the W, A, D, and S buttons for moving to and fro, blocking enemy attacks, and your mouse's left click button for cleaving your enemies in half. In the Sift Renegade series, you won't be on a first person shooter mode BUT on side scroll mode instead. That doesn't take away the fun and excitement as you will see!

Sift Renegade 2 Walkthrough

If you loved Sift Renegade, then you will go crazy about Sift Renegade 2. This game starts off with a dialogue between the world famous Vinnie (YES, he has a cameo appearance here) and the protagonist Kiro (with his face covered with blood). Kiro continues his quest for the truth - who was after his brother. And to make things even worse for him, the Yakuza is after her girlfriend Jade and everyone else close to him.

What you will love about Sift Renegade 2 is that it features different and new levels coupled with new attacks like the raging bullet (and it has its aerial version too!) as well as new special challenges. HOWEVER, what will make you love the game even more is that it comes with a plot that is just as twisted and just as exciting as the previous Sift Renegade game.

Set the road on fire while racing for your life and dodging cars, be on close combat against the blademasters of Yakuza, do devastating combos that will leave your enemies in dust (or better yet chopped like lamb meat) - this is Sift Renegade 2!