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Rating: 4.42/5 stars (202 ratings)

Sneaky Sniper Instructions

Aim with the your mouse and shoot with your left mouse button.

Sneaky Sniper Walkthrough

In Sneaky Sniper, paying attention to detail is key. The game itself isn't much more difficult than the average sniper game but the instructions can some of the missions can be a little difficult to understand. It isn't always a matter of simply shooting someone. Instead, you have to understand who you need to shoot and in some cases, whether you need to shoot anyone at all. This game is more of the thinking man's sniper game and that's what makes it so fun. That's also what makes it so addictive.

There are levels in this game that you are going to fail repeatedly but you won't be able to stop trying to get it. It's a challenge. You'll know you're missing one key piece of information that will help you pass the mission. Don't just pay attention to the stick men on the screen. Pay attention to the backdrop, the surroundings and most importantly your mission objective. The information you need to complete the mission is there. It's just a matter of figuring out what that information is.

The graphics in Sneaky Sniper are great. They're not so elaborate that the game is slow and pixilated but they aren't overly simplistic either. Allowing you to see only what you would see through a scope makes shooting your target easier but finding your target a bit more difficult. The graphics aren't flashy and distracting as they can be with other sniper games. They're very well done so the game looks nice but the focus always remains on game play.

Sneaky Sniper isn't like many other sniper games in that you get a little bit of back story with your missions but don't have to sit through a lengthy explanation. The game keeps your interest and gives you enough information to satisfy those that like a little story with their killing but doesn't get bogged down in unimportant details. You get the information that matters - who you need to kill, why you need to kill them and what you have to avoid doing to fail your mission. Over all, an engrossing, addictive little sniper game to help you pass the time.