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Rating: 4.44/5 stars (338 ratings)

Sniper Assassin Instructions

Aim at your target using your mouse and click the left mouse button to fire.

Sniper Assassin Walkthrough

Sniper Assassin is without a doubt one of the finest first person shooter stick figure games out there. Combining both a careful, steady hand with logical and focus, this game is a great way to relieve some stress and kill a little time while taking out the back stick figures of the world.

In Sniper Assassin, you are a stick figure sniper charged with riding the world of snitches and rats within the agency that hired you. You have to be careful, however, to read each mission carefully so you can identify your target. Killing an innocent person will mean you fail your mission. some of the missions are a little complicated so be sure to think logically. If you have to kill more than one person without raising alarms, pay attention to the line of sight of each target. Take them out in order so that none of them see someone else go down. This is the only way you'll be able to complete these missions without getting caught.

The graphics in Sniper Assassin are decent for a stick figure sniper game, but there are definitely games with better graphics out there. Those who play this sort of game a lot and consider themselves good may find this game a little easy although the sometimes complex missions should provide enough of a challenge to keep them interested. This game is great for a beginner who is interested in this genre but has trouble with more advanced sniper games. It is also bloody enough to keep those who like the rest stuff appeased without alienating those who don't with a lot of excessive gore.

The only real problem with Sniper Assassin is it is just too short. Beat six levels and you're done. The story is intriguing enough that you want to know what happens next, so you'll definitely be playing Sniper Assassin 2 when you've finished. More advanced players are likely going to be able to get through the entire game within a matter of minutes, but it's definitely a good time killer all the same and will leave you wanting more. Beginners are going to want to set aside a little more time to get through this one. It's definitely addictive and you're definitely going to want to keep playing until you've made it though.