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Stair Fall Instructions

Use the mouse to click and drag stick figure. Press 'w', 'a', 's' or 'd' to move parts of stick figure body. Use the arrow keys to change the direction of the fall.

Stair Fall Walkthrough

Stair Fall just may be your new favorite guilty pleasure. In this game, the goal is to inflict as much damage on your poor little stick figure as you possibly can as he falls down the stairs. You can use all of the traditional navigational methods to control the stick figure's fall. Click on the stick figures head with your left mouse button and hold it down. His space repeatedly and watch the blood fly.

There are really a million tips and hints for how to get a high score in Stair Fall. My personal favorite is to simply click on the stick figure and drag him up until you can't see him anymore and then just drop him. The poor little dude - so much blood. For maximum carnage, drag him straight up and drop him straight down. It's an awesome way to get a high score in the game and it's also fun to watch him go. It you just want to watch him dance a little bit before you send him to his bloody demise, press the up arrow key and watch him to a little jig. When you get tired of his dance movies, press 'w', 's', 'a' or 'd' and watch him tumble.

There is really no overall purpose to Stair Fall other than getting the highest score you can. It can be a bit challenging to get a score of 200 simply because you lose quite a bit of control over your stick figure after it hits the stairs. It's well worth a play though and can give you a good guilty giggle. It's a surprisingly addictive little game for something so basic. The graphics are basic and completely uncomplicated but there will be plenty of the red stuff if you play your cards right. This game is definitely worth playing.