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Sophistication and complicated control schemes aren't the trademarks of stickman games. Compared to most online games out there, stickman games are some of the simplest to play... nothing fancy and nothing finger-twisting. Continuing in this vein, Stealing The Diamond comes with a control scheme that is as easy as it could get: (1) you will see an animated cut scene every now and then, (2) you will be given a choice as to what action your stickman hero should make, and (3) just use your mouse or sometimes your keyboard to pick your choice and advance to the next challenge or task. It's that SIMPLE! HOWEVER, stickman / adventure games tend to be very tricky... especially if the title is Stealing The Diamond. You need to have a lot of wits, be alert, and carry a good dose of luck as well.

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Bank Robbery can be FUN. You don't believe me? Well, I can't blame you... BUT that notion of yours will surely change after playing this stickman game! First off, you need to escape from your prison cell and pulling that off is DEFINITELY satisfying! BUT why stop there when you can go for INFINITELY bigger rewards, right? In Stealing The Diamond, that's precisely what you will do - steal the diamond!

The Tunisian Diamond Ring (which is MASSIVE beyond words) is on show at the Stick Ville Museum. The good news is that it's already night time, and all of the socialites who came to see the diamond are long gone. It seems like there's nothing standing between you and your future limo, future vacation on some exotic island, your future mansion, etc. BUT a bunch of sleep-deprived security guards who can barely keep their eyes wide open. This should be easy. After all, you have all the tools for pulling off this heist. Right? The bad news is: YOU ARE MISTAKEN! And that's exactly the reason why this game is a heck lot of fun!

Being a 'pick your own adventure' kind of game, the main branching point comes right at the beginning of the level where you need to choose between (1) busting into the museum with your guns and tools blazing or (2) playing it safe and stealthily. The first one allows you wreck havoc and chaos... do all you want to get your hands on the Tunisian Diamond. BUT the downside is that there's a time limit. The second option, on the other hand, requires MORE care and cunning, although the absence of time pressure surely relieves some of the burden. Anyway, whichever option you go for, you need to work it and sweat it to finally get that MASSIVE and GLITTERING diamond! Let me remind you, there are about 40 different ways to fail and get caught...or even killed! There are only 3 paths to success and you better be careful and alert if you want to tread those paths safely.

Yeah, the probability of succeeding is VERY slim compared to your chances of flunking it. BUT who cares? That's a massive diamond, which means early and VERY lucrative retirement!

Looking at the game, I MUST say that it looks more like a movie than a game. BUT that doesn't really matter. This stick figure game comes with just about everything you could ask for in a flash and browser based game. It comes with a silky smooth animation. The dialogue and writing, on the other hand, is sure to tickle you. The voice dubbing and acting is impressive... and let's not forget, the death messages are REALLY alarming and can cause panic.

Without a doubt, the guys at Puffballs United do KNOW what they are doing. These guys have a good understanding of what makes animated physical comedy FUN and you can find all of the elements in this stick figure game. Heck! I would even go as far as saying that the stuff you would see here will surely fit with the best and MOST hilarious Road Runner And Coyote episodes. Don't you even try blinking... jokes are almost everywhere and you could have missed in the instant that you do!

For those who enjoy internet culture references, Stealing The Diamond is also jam packed with these, and will surely enjoy the game even more. You would find head crabs - the signature villains in the Half Life game from Valve. Even the crowbar, the most basic and primitive weapon in the game, can be found in this stick figure game! Implementing references, game play, secrets, achievements, bonuses, etc. - you just got to applaud the way Puffballs United executed all of these FLAWLESSLY.

If you are the sort who loves to hunt for achievements and secrets, Stealing The Diamond is a game you MUST check out. The only downside that I can see here is that the game doesn't come with a save button... and that means a power outage, your browser accidentally closing or crashing, etc. would mean you have to start all over again. That said, don't let it deter you from having fun from this game. It's fun enough to be played over and over. Give this stick man game a shot and see what I'm driving at.