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Stick Bang Instructions

Stick Bang - this is one enjoyable game that involves a lot of mouse and directional button work - use the left and right buttons to move your stick character. On the other hand, you need your mouse to aim, drag to adjust the power of your shot, and release it to unleash your weapon against the opposing stick figure. Pretty easy heh?

Stick Bang Walkthrough

If you loved the massive and multiplayer online game Gunbound, then you will surely love Stick Bang! PLUS the background music, which is from Aqua's Cartoon Heroes, makes the game all the more fun and exciting to play.

Here's the story: stick giants have long hated their kind. They are an unpleasant lot that war against each other on the regular. You, as one of the stick giants, should do all that you can to get rid of the other stick giants and dominate Stick Land now and forever.

You have truckloads of weapons in your armory - you have the suicide bomber (which is at infinite quantity?very spammable), rocket stickman, repair man in case you need to heal and repair badly, and those are just to name a few. You even have those stick man that dig to create pitfalls for your opponents to fall into, those that freeze the opposing stickman, and a whole lot more!

These unique weapons are smaller stick men that are used for maximum destruction. BUT mind you, you need to level them up and buy them after every stage. That means you need to use them wisely and deal maximum pain.

Here are some tips for you to make the most out of every stage: spam the suicide bombers to get rid of obstacles. You see, there are stages that there are a lot of stuff in the way?making it hard for you to get a clear shot for your more destructive weapons. Mobility - this is another thing that you should keep in mind. Dodge the opposing shots and keep the damage as minimum as possible. Also, don't get stuck in those crevices (resulting from the fireworks). Make that mistake and you can be sure to get a lot of bombardment. Again, keep your character moving.

Also, the more destructive your weapon is, the longer the cooldown before you can make another shot. While you are waiting for your shot's cooldown, be careful and don't get hit.

Stick Man - exciting, action packed, and comes with a cool background music. Play it now!