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Stick Blender Instructions

Stick Blender is controlled by using the mouse. Click and drag to draw circles around stickmen to capture them. Click and drag the trapped stickmen to drop them into the blender.

Stick Blender Walkthrough

Stickmen have been beaten, burned, and tortured in a variety of fashions in Flash games and animations. One question remains: Will they blend? Stick Blender is a stick figure game that answers that question. This stickman game features simple mouse-only controls, cute (although gory) graphics, and rocking background music.

The objective of Stick Blender is to defend your blender from enemies while grinding them into a bloody pulp. Instead of using turrets or towers to stop enemies, you will pick them up and drop them into the blender! When your blender has been filled with the bloody of your enemies, you will advance to the next level. Your progress is automatically saved at the end of each level, so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play this stickman game.

Stick Blender uses a simple mouse-only control scheme. Click and drag a circle around enemies to capture them in a bubble. Click and drag bubbles to throw them into your blender. At the beginning of this stick figure game, you will only be able to capture two enemies per bubble, but with upgrades (discussed in the next paragraph), you will be able to capture more.

You can purchase upgrades between levels of Stick Blender using money earned from killing enemies. Upgrades are not necessary, but they make the game easier, especially on later levels. It is advisable to fully repair your blender before each level. The pumps upgrade is also useful since it causes your blender to self-heal over time. If you want to capture more enemies per bubble, you will have to upgrade your blender's blades. Other upgrades are not as useful as the pump and blade upgrades, but they will still make this stick figure game easier, so you should still buy them if you have extra cash.

Stick Blender is a simple, fun, and addictive stickman game that is perfect for a quick gaming break. Now we know where protein boosts in smoothy shops come from; that's not soy!