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Rating: 4.45/5 stars (763 ratings)

Stick Dude Killing Arena Instructions

Use 'a' to walk left, 'd' to walk right, 'w' to jump and the left mouse button to fight or break crates.Press 'space' if you need more information.

Stick Dude Killing Arena Walkthrough

Stick Dude Killing Arena starts with an ominous message in which you are referred to test subject, unless of course you would like to be called something else. There are three rules - test your knowledge against 'adversaries', perform to the best of your ability and finally, remain in the test facility until you die. Sounds like you're in for a good time, test subject.

The first few levels are fairly basic. You learn how to move around in the game and how to kill your adversaries in wonderfully gory fashion. As you advance, the game steadily gets more difficult but help is only a spacebar away. Sometimes the help isn't really all that helpful but it gives you a basic idea of what you should be attempting to accomplish. Some of the early levels can be a little tricky even if they are only intended as tutorials, but if you find yourself having a hard time, there is a fairly good chance you're just missing a key piece of information. Try the help cue and if you're still having a hard time progressing to the next level, experiment. Your mouse acts as a way to target adversaries as well as other objects. That's an important tip to keep in mind.

As far as the graphics go, Stick Dude Killing Arena is about on par with what you would expect out of the higher quality stickman games. The graphics won't wow you, but they're more than enough to serve the purpose of the game and keep you interested. The deaths are pretty gory and surprisingly detailed to satisfy the gore-hounds but not so detailed as to disgust the more squeamish players - at least not those that are willing to play a game called Stick Dude Killing Arena that has a warning about graphic cartoon violence.

The game itself is fairly basic in terms of game play, but the levels become increasingly difficult as the game progresses so it doesn't become tired or boring. Although really only good for a laugh and a fix of cartoon gore, check out the weapons room where you can kill adversaries with a variety of fun and creative weapons like Molotov cocktails, shotguns, rocket launchers, and even a light saber. The suicide room is a nice touch although once you've done it once, it pretty much loses all appeal.

Stick Dude Killing Arena is a great game to pass the time with that can get pretty addictive the more you get into it. Overall, it's a worthwhile game. Although there are better options out there, this one's worth taking a look at for the weapons room alone.