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Stick Figure Badminton Instructions

'w' to jump, 'a' to move right, 'd' to move left, 's' to swing or up arrow key to jump, down arrow key to swing, left arrow key to go left, right arrow key yo go right in advanced mode. In fun mode move with the mouse and swing with the left mouse button.

Stick Figure Badminton Walkthrough

Stick Figure Badminton is a fun and challenging alternative to the traditional stickman killing games that populate this genre. You have to options for game play. Advanced, where you play as an actual stick person or Fun, where you play as a state of the art badminton robot that sort of resembles a racket. The controls are different in both options so try them both out and see which one you like more.

The graphics in Stick Figure Badminton are fairly basic but they're great if you're just looking for a fun way to pass the time. You will face off against six different opponents in both game modes starting with Really Easy Eddie. Eddie is just as his name implies - really easy. Eddie helps you get a feel for the controls and get an idea of how the game is played before you move on to tougher opponents. The level of difficulty increases gradually as you play so you are able to work on your skill a little bit each round. Naughty Nadia is only slightly more difficult to beat than Really Easy Eddie but she will pose a bit more of a challenge to defeat. Little Timmy is a little more challenging than Naughty Nadia but you should have little trouble beating him after besting Nadia. Pyramid Pete is definitely more difficult than Little Timmy and will give you a good run for your money, but after sharpening you skills with the previous three competitors, you should be able to take him after a few losses. Top Hat Sam is only slightly more difficult than Pete, but that slight increase in difficulty is enough to make him a serious challenge. Once you beat Sam, you'll face your toughest competitor; World Champ Spike. Spike is fast and getting a shot past him will require a bit of skill. Hitting his serves isn't really any more difficult than the other competitors, but simply volleying the birdie back and forth isn't enough to win the game. Besting Spike isn't impossible though. Play him a few times and eventually you'll get him. The reward when you beat the game is fun and makes you feel like you've accomplished something with your effort.

Overall, Stick Figure Badminton is a fun little game with decent graphics that will keep you playing until you win. Try to beat the game in both modes of play. You'll meet the same opponents and get the same pay off in the end, but you'll appreciate taking the time to challenge yourself. It might not be a game you play hundreds of times, but it's addictive in its own right and well worth checking out.