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Rating: 4.52/5 stars (495 ratings)

Stick Figure Penalty Instructions

Click the weapon you want to use with your left mouse button.

Stick Figure Penalty Walkthrough

Stick Figure Penalty isn't so much a game as it is a way to relieve a little tension by killing a stickman in the goriest possible ways. Basically, this is what happens. You open with a screen full of weapons which asks you to choose how the stickman will die. You make you selection by clicking on your weapon of choice and then just sit back and watch the carnage. You are then given the option of going back and trying out another weapon or choosing another game. All in all, there isn't really much to do, but it is entertaining to watch the little stickman get splattered.

The actual game graphics are pretty well done although the weapon selection screen is a little crudely drawn. That said, not many people are overly concerned with the opening screen. They just want to see the gore. If you don't like cartoon violence, you definitely want to skip this one. If you do, this is definitely something you need to check out. Try out all of the different weapons and come back any time you need your cartoon gore fix. You are in control of this one and that's what makes it so fun!