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Stick Trampoline Instructions

Control movement of stick figure with arrow keys, perform tricks with 'w', 'a', 's', 'd' and 'q' and space keys.

Stick Trampoline Walkthrough

Stick Trampoline is a unique little stick figure game that is just as addictive as it is fun. In this game, the object is to make it through the challenges without killing your stick figure in the process. Although the premise might seem simple, it's actually a pretty difficult game to master. Getting the hang of bouncing on the trampoline and getting decent height is only the first step and there are many more challenges to come as the game progresses.

In Stick Trampoline, you are given a variety of acrobatic moves you can do while bouncing from back flips and front flips - which you'll find you often do on your own - to grabs and things of that nature, there is an endless assortment of things to do while you navigate the game. You will have to transfer your stick figure from one trampoline to the next which is actually a much more difficult feat than you may think. Misjudge and your poor little stick figure gymnast will suffer a very unpleasant feat on the edge of the trampoline or worse, on the floor. Missing the trampoline slightly and hitting the edge will cause a little bit of blood to flow but you can recover. Missing the trampoline entirely will bring an immediate end to your game.

Then we come to the swing. The swing is something many beginners to this sort of stick figure game are going to have a hard time with. You have to have the hands of your stick figure beside the swing when it swings over toward you so everything will need to be timed just right. If you focus too much on catching the swing, you'll stop getting height in your jumps. If you focus too much on maintaining height, you'll miss the swing. You need to get the swing to move to the next trampoline. It can take a few shots, but once you get it once, it will be much easier to get it next time.

Overall, Stick Trampoline is a fun, challenging game that is addictive and will keep you playing. The graphics are fairly basic, but watching the little stick figure tumble and twist can be entertaining in and of itself. Definitely a game worth checking out if you're looking for a fun game to pass the time that isn't about mindless killing and blood. It can be a bit frustrating, but it will keep you going until you win.