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Stick War Instructions

'w' 'a' 's' 'd' or arrow keys are used to control movement in the game. Space can be used to mine for gold for miners, to attack for swordwrath, clubmen and magikill minions, speartons and giants. Space can also be used to stun for Magikill. Use the left mouse button for archers to draw their bows, aim with the mouse and release the left mouse button to fire. Use 'q' to block for Sworswrath, clubmen, magikill minions, and speartons. Use 'f' to throw a spear for speartons or to summon minions for Magikill.

Stick War Walkthrough

Although the temptation to start playing a new game on the hardest level is difficult for most avid gamers to resist, that is definitely not the best course of action for Stick War. You're going to want to start out on the lower still levels until you get the hang on the game or you're going to find yourself getting very frustrated very quickly.

Stick War is without a doubt one of the most interesting stick men games on the internet. The planning and strategy it takes to plan an effective attack and defense system makes the game unique and unusually addictive. In Stick War, you can control every aspect of your attack whether you are controlling a single archer, swordsman, miner or minion or controlling the entire unit. You can choose to direct your entire unit and allow them to fight for themselves or have a more hands on approach to the attack. You can focus on defense or offense. You can command your unit to attack or retreat if you are simply out manned. The trick to many of the battles if finding the balance between miners and fighters. Without an adequate gold supply your defense will falter, but focusing all your resources on mining will leave you vulnerable to attack. You can also choose to upgrade your fleet making it stronger and more powerful between each level.

Stick War is definitely a game that holds your interest. As you get better at the easiest difficulty level, you can move up to the next one and on to the hardest from there. The hardest level is challenging but not impossible to master with a little focus and concentration. Well worth the time spent playing.