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Storm the House 2 Instructions

If you are looking for one of the best tower defense / stick figure games hybrid, then STOP. The search is over fellas, it's here: Storm The House 2. Continuing in the same vein like the original game did, there are only a couple of things you need to keep in mind when playing Storm The House 2: (1) You need your mouse for shooting down enemies. Move your mouse to aim, and when you are ready to make the shot, hit the left click button. (2) Once you run out of ammunition, just hit the space bar button to reload. And lastly (this is a VERY much needed addition I think), you can now pause the game by pressing P. Just press it the second time to resume it.

Storm the House 2 Walkthrough

Fans of Storm The House (the original game), the long wait is finally over. The guys behind it all have brought us Storm The House 2! Nothing much has changed in the game. The objective pretty much stays the same: you have a mansion / stronghold / whatever you call it on the right side of the screen. And stick men coming from the left side will do whatever they can to destroy the walls and get in to kill you. You need to throw whatever you have at them and defend your house. This is not an easy task as the stick figures are MORE determined than ever. They are coming at you with swords, guns, and this time, they have included armored vehicles for good measure.

Of course, this game won't be called Storm The House 2 if there are no new niceties added in the game. You see, there are a lot of fans of the game found the game too difficult and bombarded the developer with suggestions, complaints, etc. asking to tweak the game's difficulty level. As much as I would like to call them sissies, I really have to agree that this game is devilishly difficult, especially the original one.

I literally spent a week pulling my hairs out and asking myself: "Where?! Where did I go wrong?!" each time the flimsy-looking enemies make it to my base. It was only after I got so used to being butchered that I finally learned how to properly beef up my defenses and keep the attackers at bay. Anyway, the author / developer and the players came to a settlement: and that is to add something, a weapon, that's overpowered or imbalanced.

And here it is: the Gravity Gun! The readers convinced the developer to develop a gun that shoots and throws those stick men into the air like ants being sucked into a vacuum. I don't know exactly what was going on in the minds of the players when they requested this weapon, BUT I like it. It's unique from other weapons of mass destruction, and it surely comes handy when the enemy units are all over the place and shaking them off is next to impossible. HOWEVER, don't think that Storm The House 2 is a piece of cake with the addition of the Gravity Gun. Nah, far from it. For one thing, the difficulty and number of enemies also increased, making it really challenging even for seasoned players of tower defense and stick figure games.

I REALLY like the addition of the pause button (that's letter P on your keyboard). This is one of those stick men games you can finish in 5 or 10 minutes. It would take you hours to finish this game... that is if you are good enough. I really appreciate it that I can now pause the game to take answer a phone call or take a pee. I wonder how many players took a leak from their seats without even noticing when playing the original game.

Many of the elements we came to love in the first game are still here at Storm The House 2. You can still employ those sharp-shooting gunmen who will shoot random stick figures. You can still employ the hard working craftsmen who never tire of fixing your damaged walls. And still, there are silo workers who work 'round the clock to get your silo missile active... and obliterate the enemies.

The addition of game modes is also more than welcome. You can now play it on Easy Mode, Medium, Hard, and there's the next-to-impossible Why God?! Mode. If you are just starting out, please steer clear from the Why God?! Mode unless you want your ego crushed. Believe me, those stick figures are going to overrun you in no time, faster than you can say: "Storm The House!"