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Storm the House 3 Instructions

Can't get enough of playing Storm The House and Storm The House 2? Want to take your stick figure-shooting experience to the next level? GOOD! The guys who created these games have something that will whet your appetite for shooting down stick men: Storm The House 3! Just like in the previous 2 games, there are only a couple of things you need to keep in mind if you want to survive. First, move your mouse to aim your gun and, when you are ready to shoot, hit the left click button. Second, hit the space bar button to reload your weapon. If you need to pause the game for some reason (ex. Answering a phone call or taking a visit to the loo), just press the P button. Storm The House 3 comes with brand spanking new weapons - they are more efficient in killing and looks way cooler than your average gun. To change weapons, just press Z or scroll the mouse wheel. As for the towers and guns you have bought, you can upgrade them by clicking on it and buying the appropriate upgrade. Oh! And one last reminder, just don't die. Now let's have a closer look at this game...

Storm the House 3 Walkthrough

YES folks, Case Dollingswoth is in the house and has brought another installment to the Storm The House series. The latest game is without a doubt one of the best tower defense and stick figure games hybrid you can lay your hands on. And with a lot of changes - cool weapons, game modes, etc., there's little doubt that Storm The House 3 is twice or even three times better and more action-packed than its older brothers.

You still have the good old Campaign mode - a mode where a lot have played BUT only a few survived to tell the tale. Spanning 40 days of non-stop stick figure shooting action, this game mode will surely keep you on your toes for hours to come. HOWEVER, along with the Campaign Mode, there are 6 unique and really enjoyable mini games to choose from:

There's the (1) Capture The Flag game where you need to stop a swarm of stick men who are out to capture that flag. I just can't understand for the life of me what on earth is that flag doing outside of the stronghold! Isn't it supposed to be on the rooftop?

(2) This Is Sparta! This mini game is a personal favorite of mine. Apparently, Leonidas (the stick figure version) along with his army of 300 really tough and fierce Spartans have decided to join the party.

(3) In Zombocalypse, you only have 3 minutes to defend yourself against a horde of stick zombies. With what? With only a Desert Eagle. Precision shooting and fast reflexes are needed if you want to survive this mini game.

(4) The Entertainer is a mini game in Storm The House 3 where you compose music by killing everyone in sight who passes through that large music sheet.

And last BUT not the least; there are the McJee and Sandbox mini games which I'm yet to try out. In any case, you have a lot games to play in this latest installment of Storm The House 3... more than enough to keep you busy shooting stick men the whole day!

The gunmen, repair men (they replaced the craftsmen), etc. - they are all back. BUT things are made even better with MORE guns and more towers... all of them and more have been built for mass stick figure destruction!

You still have the good and old Desert Eagle, the semi-automatic Uzi, the combat shotgun that sends the inner parts of those stick figures splattering, the Quaker which is my favorite weapon in 'This Is Sparta' mini game, and there's the Machine Gun. If you want to play it out a la Rambo, give your enemies a bullet-shower, and just look cool, this is the gun of choice. Oh! By the way, that's not everything. Check out the game for the rest of the weapons.

So those weapons are not explosive or destructive enough in your opinion? NO PROBLEM! The new towers and defensive turrets will surely make you smile. When facing beefier and tougher enemies, these weapons will give you enough fire power to dispose them. You have the Quake Box that sends tremors, Tesla Tower and Laser Tower which is excellent for dealing concentrated amounts of pain and damage, Flamer Joe, Shield Generator, Missile Turret that deals AOE damage, and the only useless defensive tower in the game: the Fan Tower (how about keeping your enemies cool so they don't attack you?).