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Stretchyman Instructions

The control scheme of Stretchy Man is very straightforward and easy to pick up. Stretchy Man is played entirely with the keyboard. Use your arrow keys for basic movement: the left and right arrow keys are for moving in those directions while the up arrow key is for jumping. You can combine both, jump to the left or right, which is a useful technique for getting out of danger. Enemies will go for your throat and whack you until there's nothing left of you. So how do you fight back? SIMPLE, you will fight back with the A and S keys. Press the A button to punch back or kick with your stretchy arms and legs (hence the name Stretchy Man). The S button is for using a pistol provided that you pick up one. And to pick up one, just press the A button. As I have hinted, there are different 'drops' you can pick: (1) There's the pistol which is always useful for disposing enemies from a safe distance. Not to mention it damages all units in the line. (2) The bomb, on the other hand, causes an earth shattering explosion that destroys all enemies in the screen. Just pick it up and watch your enemies go KABOOM. (3) And last BUT not the least, there's the Heart or Life bonus that adds 20 hit points to your life. Believe me, in the later stages of the game, with the green stick men, scary teddy bears, etc. coming from all directions, you will find your health points constantly dwindling down. So don't hesitate to grab a Life bonus whenever you see one.

Stretchyman Walkthrough

Having stretchy arms and legs isn't just amazing. It's not just weird or amazing to look at when your limbs extend a meter longer than it should. This stick figure game proves that it can be useful for self-defense too. The objective of the game is pretty simple: you are in a room - a danger room, an execution room, or whatever you want to call it. Within the four walls of this white room, you need to defend yourself against enemies of different sorts - green and tough stick figures; torn and zombie-like teddy bears; purple balls that transform into giant fists and pummel you; and those are just to name a few. The MORE enemies you dispose, the better.

Nothing really fancy or complicated as far as the game play goes, BUT this doesn't mean this game easily gets boring. Nah, far from it. I constantly found myself screaming on top of my lungs as when teddy bears and green stick men surround me. Fortunately, you will find bombs appearing out of nowhere allowing you to dispatch everyone in sight without any trouble. Along with that, while the teddy bears and slime-looking stick men are tough and while they do hit hard, they are slow... making them prone to the 'hit and jump away and hit again' technique. With your stretchy arms and legs, you shouldn't have trouble doing this. And when you find yourself cornered, you can always jump to safety.

What I am having trouble with though (and I'm sure you will too) is how to deal with those cute purple and rounded beings that magically transform themselves into raging fists. When they hit you, you would be unable to move for about half a second. It doesn't sound like a big deal until you realize that these guys seem to have been trained by Manny Pacquiao. Once they hit you, they will connect with another one... FAST. The next thing you know is that you are perma-stunned and your hit points go down the drain. So NOT getting hit is your aim when you are against these guys.

There's not much to discuss about the strategy, tips, or tricks in Stretchy Man. It's not a very serious game where you have to put a lot of thought into it to play well. BUT you need to have good reaction time and reflexes, however. If you are bored and want a stick figure game that will pump good doses of adrenaline in you, give this game a shot. It might be just what you need!