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Super Fighters Rampage Instructions

Super Fighters Rampage is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. The arrow keys move your character. The down arrow key also blocks your enemy's attacks. The A and S keys are used to punch. The D and F keys are used to kick. The W, E, and R keys are used to execute special moves. The spacebar is used to execute a super move. Click on your opponent while they are stunned to finish them.

Super Fighters Rampage Walkthrough

Super Fighters Rampage is the sequel to Fighters Rampage. This iteration of the stickman fighting game series features features nine selectable characters, improves graphics, and smoother gameplay.

The objective of Super Fighters Rampage is the same as its forerunner: to defeat your opponent and go on to the next round! Each fight only lasts for only one round and has no time limit. In each round, both fighters will attack each other in an attempt to completely drain their opponent's life bar before their opponent does the same to them. If you defeat your opponent, you go on to the next challenger, but if your opponent defeats you, you will lose the game.

Super Fighters Rampage retains the charm of the original Fighters Rampage, but adds a few more features. The most noticeable feature is the super bar, located beneath your health bar. Unlike the first Fighters Rampage, you cannot spam the super move whenever you feel like it at the expense of health. Instead, you must wait until the super bar is full to unleash your super move. The good thing about this is that it no longer costs you a portion of your health.

Another noticeable feature of Super Fighters Rampage is that it is much easier to combo moves together than in its predecessor. Although the moves of this stick figure game are still stiffer than a real Street Fighter game, you will still find yourself able to chain some attacks together on your adversary.

Super Fighters Rampage features the six characters from the original game, as well as three new characters. My favorite character is still Jake, with his huge arsenal of firearms and grenades. Each character has their own fatality which is executed by simply clicking upon your defeated foe with your mouse. Try out the different characters to find your personal favorite fighter in this stickman game!

Do not be ashamed to button-mash or spam moves in this stick figure game. The AI tends to use the same moves over and over again, so it is only fair for your to do the same. It is often a good tactic to turtle in your corner, hold down the block button, and counterattack when you are given an opening.

If you enjoyed the first Fighters Rampage, then you will love the new features that Super Fighters Rampage has to offer. This stick figure game is a total knockout!