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Rating: 4.52/5 stars (460 ratings)

Tactical Assassin Instructions

Press up arrow key to read mission briefing. Press down arrow key to begin mission. Aim weapon with mouse. Fire with left mouse button. Press 'space' to advance to next mission or to restart mission.

Tactical Assassin Walkthrough

Tactical Assassin is a great first person shooter stick figure game and definitely one of the best in the genre. Although there is no complicated story with an elaborate introduction, the game does provide a continuing narrative throughout each mission that will satisfy those that enjoy a bit of story with their killing. Each mission comes with a briefing you much read carefully and follow exactly. You will be given clues in each briefing to reveal the identity of the stick figure, or stick figures you need to take out to pass the mission.

The most addictive thing about Tactical Assassin is quite simply the game itself. To complete your missions you will need to assess the situation you are presented with and discover the best way to take out your targets without raising alarms and giving yourself away. In most cases, this in simply a matter of reading the description of your target as described in your briefing and only taking out that specific target. Shooting civilians or guards when you aren't directed to will result in a fail for the level. In some cases, you will need to take out more than one target but will need to do so quickly and in the correct order. This requires a little bit of logic and planning. You need to evaluate where each target is standing and what they will be able to see. If one target can see another target get shot you need to take out that second target before they are able to raise an alarm. It might take you a few tries to get complete these missions, but with a little patience, you'll get it.

The graphics in Tactical Assassin are basic but look professional and clean. Time was obviously taken to make this game look good while not straying for the basic black, white and red premise that makes stick figure games so appealing. The graphics aren't so detailed they will be distracting but aren't so basic they get boring and old. This is definitely one of the better looking games in the stick figure genre without being over done or losing that basic charm we all love with this type of game.

Overall, Tactical Assassin is a great game that gets more challenging with each and every level. It might be a bit difficult to reach the end if you are a beginner to this sort of game, but the payoff for your patience is great. For those more skilled in this sort of first person shooter, you will find the game provides enough of a challenge to keep your interest although you are likely to find the game just a little too short. All in all, it's a great game well worth checking out.