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Territory War Instructions

To control stick figure use left arrow key to move left, right arrow key to move right, space to jump. Use the left mouse button to select action or weapon. To use weapon, use up arrow button to increase the angle of your shot, use down arrow button to decrease the angle of your shot, use left and right arrow buttons to change the direction of your shot and press space to fire. To increase power of your throw for grenades or the power of your kick, hold space. Release space to throw or kick.

Territory War Walkthrough

Territory War is a great stick figure game that offers a multitude of options to keep the game interesting and fun. Some will find the first few campaigns a bit too easy, but the gradual increase in difficulty ensures a challenge for even those who breeze through the first few levels. The later campaigns take careful planning and strategy if you want to have any hope of coming out on top. Watch how your enemies plan their attack and try to mimic it. Remember, you don't have to fire a weapon every time your turn comes around. This can be a great advantage if you want to plot an attack. Grenades are one of the best weapons you have available to you, but make sure you don't drop them too closely, and carefully aim them before throwing them. There is nothing worse than watching a grenade bounce right past your enemies and roll off the edge of a cliff.

One of the best benefits a grenade offers is simple. A well placed grenade can take out more than one member of the enemy squad by either delivering a death blow when their health is low enough or throwing your enemy off the side of a cliff or platform. If you have a group of enemies waiting to attack, you can throw a grenade into the middle of the group and deliver serious damage to all of them at once. For close range combat, the boot is a great weapon; particularly if you let it charge to full power before you kick. Just be careful no one on your team is amongst the enemy attackers unless they have the health to spare. Kicking is an effective weapon but requires you to be very close to the enemy, so it should only be used as a last resort and to avoid blowing yourself up with a grenade during close range combat. The gun is also a great weapon as you can inflict a great deal of a damage for a safe distance but have more control over the shot than you do with a grenade. You get an instant kill if you hit your opponent in the head but that's not always that easy. The problem with the gun is that you can only take out one opponent at a time, so for a group of enemies, lob a grenade instead.

If the Territory War campaigns are too easy, you can test your skills with the challenges Territory War offers. Toss grenades through rings in the first challenge and try to get a high score. Don't be surprised if you fail the challenge the first few times. Keep trying and work toward gold. Get gold on the final grenade challenge and become a grenade master after the introduction of moving rings. It's a lot harder than you might think. Once you have mastered grenades you can move on to gun play. The first gun challenge is fairly basic - shoot the targets. The second gun challenge is a bit more difficult with the introduction of moving targets. The third gun challenge is by far the most difficult with the introduction of stick figure head sized targets. These challenges can not only be challenging but can help beginners hone their grenade throwing and shooting skills for the campaigns.

Territory War also offers a custom battle option where you can choose to challenge a friend or play against the computer in a more customized game. In two player mode, you and your friend will each have your own team and will be facing off against each other. Take turns trying to destroy each other's team and see who will be victorious. Whether you are playing with your friend in custom battle or against the computer, you choose how many enemies will be on each team, the level you will play and can even choose from a variety of different fun hats for your enemies to wear. If you're having trouble getting the hang of the game, try two player mode with yourself playing as both player one and player two. This will allow you to get used to navigating the levels while dealing with opponents.

Overall, Territory War is a great stick figure game that will help you kill some time while having fun killing stick figures. The campaigns aren't overly challenging, but the custom battle and challenge options more than make up for that. This is a stick figure game well worth checking out.