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The Flood Runner 2 Instructions

The Flood Runner 2 is controlled by using the mouse or the keyboard. Use your spacebar or left mouse button to jump, double jump, or use your wings.

The Flood Runner 2 Walkthrough

The Flood Runner 2 is a stick figure game with very simple controls. This running game features cute, simplistic graphics, minimal audio, and challenging gameplay. The Flood Runner 2 is the completed version of the prototype game The Flood Runner, and is a massive improvement.

When you begin The Flood Runner 2, you are given the choice to select your character. You may select a cat-like stickman, or a rabbit-like stickman. This choice is purely aesthetic, and has no effect on gameplay. The goal of this stick figure game is to outrun a flood. Running happens automatically, but it is up to you to jump and glide from cliff to cliff in order to avoid falling. If you fall once, you will use a surfboard to save your life, but if you fall twice, the game is over.

The Flood Runner 2 is a very straightforward game that is simple to control. You will only need to use your spacebar or left mouse button to control this game! Just because this stick figure game is simple doesn't mean that it isn't a challenge, however. You will have to time your jumps carefully to make it from ridge to ridge, as well as bounce off of springs, jump off of ramps, and glide in order to stay alive!

In order to prolong your stickman's life in The Flood Runner 2, you will have to time your jumps carefully. At first, it is best to jump off of the very edge of cliffs since you will not have much speed. As the game progresses, however, you will build up more and more speed, so you will have to jump before you reach the edge of a cliff to avoid falling off. If you hold down the jump button longer, you will perform a double jump; if you hold it down even longer, you will activate your wings. Your wings provide lift and help you to maintain your altitude in this stick figure game, but remember that you are making an unpowered flight, and will still sink, although slower. Use your wings sparingly, because they have limited use as indicated by the bar in the upper-left corner of the screen. Your wings will slowly recharge when they are not in use.

The Flood Runner 2 is a highly addicting stick game that is very simple to control. Try to get as high of a score as you can before being overtaken by the wave. If you are a fan of casual games with sleek visuals, then you will be delighted by The Flood Runner 2!