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Thing Thing 2 Instructions

The controls of Thing Thing 2 isn't different at all from the previous game. Just like most stick games out there, the control scheme is very easy to pick up: (1) Use the A and D buttons to move your character left to right. You can, alternatively, use the left and right directional keys. (2) Use the W button or up directional key to jump. (3) Hit S or down to run. When you are out of ammunition, don't worry. Just use the CTRL button...tap it many times to punch and turn your enemies into pulp. Once they are down, you can pick up their weapons and you are good to go. Need to switch weapons? No worries, just hit 0 in the numpad section (which is a little awkward for me). Just make sure it's switched on. Also, always keep an eye on the Red and White bars. The red one represents your health and the white one is your stamina. Once your stamina drops way too low, you won't be able to run and jump for a while. And that's bad news if you are surrounded by enemies! Alright, now that the controls are taken care of, let's check out the game...

Thing Thing 2 Walkthrough

When it comes to stick figure games, only a handful like Sift Heads can rival the Thing Thing series. And right here, you have the second installment brought to you by Diseased Productions. Beefed up with improved graphics, game play that's even more fast paced and action packed, many new weapons added, and multiple levels to battle through, this game will surely keep you on your toes...spamming that left click button and shooting everyone in sight.

Other Feature Improvements That You Will LOVE: for Thing Thing fanatics, guess what, you can now save your game and continue later! This is good news especially if you don't feel like going through a side scrolling and shooting marathon and just wants to stave off boredom at school or office. Just play, save it, and you are guaranteed that you can get back to it later and start where you left off.

The addition of Survival Mode is another welcome addition in this series of stick games. For veterans of Thing Thing and other shooting stick figure games, this will give you the challenge that will make you sweat. You will battle through endless waves of armed enemies. How will you survive? Nah, that's for you to answer. Kill as many enemies as you can and score as high as possible.

Also, the secret weapons in the game give you MORE incentives for killing. You can earn them only by obtaining a very high kill count in certain levels or in survival mode. Are you aggressive and 'Thing Thing' enough to find and collect these secret and powerful weapons in the game? There's only one way to find out.

Play one of the best stick figure games you could ever lay your hands on: Thing Thing 2! Now, this isn't for the faint hearted who thinks violence must be banned from the internet. It's action packed, filled with bullets flying around, fast paced, bloody, and it's a LOT of FUN!