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Thing Thing 3 Instructions

Thing Thing 3 - the controls this game are very typical of side scrolling and shooting stick figure games. Use the W button to jump (tap it twice for double jump). The A and D buttons, on the other hand is for moving left and right. The S button is for ducking and dodging those bullets. For running, hold on to the Shift or CTRL button. If you need to pause the game for some reason, say to answer a call, go to the loo, etc., just press P and hit it again when you are done. Use your mouse to aim, hit the left click button to fire, and rejoice as your enemies' blood splatters all over the screen. For changing weapons, you can press E or use the 0 button on the numpad. Just make sure it's turned on. Alright, now that we have taken care of that, let's check out the game a little more closely...

Thing Thing 3 Walkthrough

Boasting an even more fast paced action than the previous installments, Thing Thing 3 outdoes the previous and already great Thing Thing installments and other stick figure games out there. Part 3 also shows more of the story behind the game thanks to the story line dialogue in each level. Along with that, the levels now scroll vertically and horizontally. This adds an entirely different and new dimension to the game play...and results in massive levels that need exploring!

Thing Thing 3 also showcases 3 enhanced survival modes and each of these survival modes come with Internet wide high score competition. Now that's something you don't see in your average stick figure games! Now, since we are talking about Survival Mode (which apparently you can beat), you'd do best by finding the MORE Powerful weapons in the Story Mode first. This enables you to last longer in survival mode.

If you don't know what are the secret and MORE powerful weapons in each level are, it will be like searching for a needle in the haystack. BUT don't worry...I'll show you how to unlock the first 3 levels...

Level 1: Dual Beretta 92FS - upon starting the level, jump to the top of the first building. After that, jump to the next one and then leap as far to the right as you can to reach the next building. Again, jump up to the top, then jump to the right to another building. Leap to the building that's slightly below the brownish one. Reach for the edge and you should find the Dual Beretta.

Dual USP - For this one, just kill 150 enemies, then complete the level. After completing the level, you will also find the Intratec AB-10. There you go, 3 secret weapons in just one level. BUT wait, there's more...

Level 2: MK-23 SOCOM - Climb the first building that you see. Go directly to the right onto a long platform and walk along this. You will find the MK-23 SOCOM. Next, we have the Steyr TMP. Kill 175 enemies and proceed to complete the level. After completion, you will also find the HK G36.

Now, for level 3 - kill 50 enemies, then defeat the boss. You will find the M249 SAW. You can only do this by repeating the level after completing the game. This is VERY MUCH worth it since the SAW is the most powerful weapon in the game. After disposing the boss, you will also find the Dual Walther P-99.