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Thing Thing 4 Instructions

The movements and controls of Thing Thing 4 is very easy to understand and pick up just like most stick figure games out there: use the A and D buttons for walking and moving. To run, just press and hold Shift while pressing the A and D buttons. Jump with the W key and tap it twice for double jumps. And of course, let's NOT forget: use your mouse to aim and hit the left click button to shoot. Let's have a look at the game...

Thing Thing 4 Walkthrough

It took 2 years before the sequel to Thing Thing 3 is released and I'm sure players who have played Thing Thing 4 will agree that this installment is definitely worth the wait.

True, Thing Thing 4 comes with the familiar feel that made the whole Thing Thing series head and shoulders ahead of most stick men games out there. HOWEVER, it also comes with improvements over the previous games. For one thing, you can now use a melee weapon - a lead pipe. Use it to beat the crap out of your enemies when you are out of ammunition. Also, the new weapon system lets you keep 2 different weapons equipped and switch between them.

Also, you can throw guns without ammo to knock your enemies back a you enough to time to switch to a loaded weapon and dispose them. Awesome boss fights, secret rooms, unlockable features, a high score system that allows you to view the top scoring characters - these are just some of the niceties included in Thing Thing 4 which you won't find in your average stick figure games.

Along with that, the storytelling in Thing Thing 4 is also lightyears ahead of the previous installments. The animated cutscenes, conversations, etc., are all jaw dropping. And it will also reveal the answers to many questions you may have about the whole Thing Thing series.

The objective of the game is very simple. Either you kill or get killed. This game is a fight for survival and you are against the ranks of the Systems Corp. Mercenaries together with the horrific and rampant genetic experimentation they have created. You, HOWEVER, is their best creation. Beating the crap out of those mercenaries and second rate genetic experimentation is your mission.

Mind you, all of the facilities in Systems Corp. Have been locked down...including all of the doors in your path. With that in mind, you need to fight through requisite enemies to move on. A word of warning: mercenaries can easily teleport their way behind you through a locked door. Don't let yourself get pinned between these guys or you are toast. Also, don't let them get too close.

After killing enough enemies, you will find a message on the bottom of your screen: either New Area Open or Exit Open, depending on the area. This means you can now move on to the next area or you can continue to fight the mercenaries before you.

If you are about to die, and believe me, there will be a lot of moments where you will almost fall, run and hide somewhere. If you don't get hit for a couple of seconds, you will start healing. Hey! You are a biological weapon after all, and this is one of your BIG advantages.