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Thing Thing Arena Instructions

Stick figure games - don't you just love them for their simplicity? Not to mention the controls of stick games are very easy to pick up on just like Thing Thing Arena. If your keyboard is perfectly fine, then you are good to go. Use the A and D buttons for left and right movement. The W button, on the other hand, is for jumping. You can hold on to it or tap it twice to double jump. Need to duck bullets? NO PROBLEM. Just hit the S button. For cycling through your weapons forward and backward, just use the E and Q buttons. Oh! Of course, to shoot everyone in sight, use your mouse to aim and the left click button to fire. Should you need to pause the game (EX. Go to the bathroom, take a phone call, etc.), just press the P button to pause and hit it again when you're done. Enough of the controls, let's get to the game!

Thing Thing Arena Walkthrough

Stick figure games - I don't know BUT these games filled with stick men from left, right, and center appeal to gamers of all sorts and ages. If I'm not mistaken, stick figure games began as nothing more than video presentations like Xiao Xiao where you get to see stick men do amazing feats - blast their enemies like Son Gokou, throw their enemies up in the air and bamboozle them while they are airborne, dodge bullets like Neo from Matrix, and those are just to name a few.

Needless to say, the idea caught on and now we have fully interactive, entertaining, and best of all bloody violent stick men games that keep us on the edge of our seats 'round the clock. Thing Thing Arena definitely falls in this category. A side scrolling game, almost everything in Thing Thing Arena is black and white...except for the blood that gets splattered all over the place. If you are someone who finds violence (whether with stick men, animals, etc.) to be hard to swallow, this game may not be for you. On the contrary, if you think a little (or even plenty) of doses of violence can be fun, then you are guarateed to have a great time with stick games like Thing Thing Arena. Just don't play it while your boss is around.

Anyway, this game showcases 4 game modes. After tweaking your character - giving him the hair style you want, the apparel of your choice, the name that will dominate the game, etc., you can choose between: (1) Survival Mode (2) Zombie Survival (3) Super Survival and (4) Stinky Bean Survival.

Survival Mode: As the name suggests, you need to survive a never ending onslaught and waves of enemies. Now that's impossible. Either the bad guys outnumber you or your hands get badly cramped you are unable to control your character. If you want to just shoot everyone in sight and know how far you can go, this is the mode to play.

Zombie Survival: You're up against the undead in this mode. They're tough and fast. You have less health, too. BUT to give you a fighting chance, you have unlimited ammo for this mode.

Super Survival Mode: If you find the survival mode to be a piece of cake, this will make you sweat! Your enemies have more firepower, they come in greater numbers, and you have less health. But hey, with 20 rockets and 30 grenades, obliterating the first few waves should be easy.

Stinky Bean Survival: You're up against the most pathetic lifeform - Stinky Beans. They don't know pain and they work in numbers. Do NOT underestimate them!