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When it comes to control schemes, stick figure games are very easy and straightforward to handle. Whether you are playing a stick game where you play as a gun slinger, a stealthy and genetically engineered soldier, or in this case the unseen force behind a labyrinth, you are guaranteed that there's nothing complicated or finger twisting about it. In Tortur-O-Matic, as long as your arrow or cursor keys are working, you are good to go. As you go through the labyrinth filled with spikes, drills, explosives, etc., you will see arrows. All you have to do is pick one of them by pressing the corresponding arrow key, sit back, and watch.

Tortur-o-matic Walkthrough

Have you ever been told off by your boss at the office to the point that you just want to shrink? Perhaps you had a really bad day at school? We all had those bad... not fun days where our anger levels just reach the boiling point. And it's NOT good!

The physical side effects of anger explain why you see studies about the serious physical damage this emotion can do to you! In a study that involves more than 13,000 subjects, it was shown that individuals who are having the HIGHEST levels of anger run two times the risk of suffering from coronary artery disease while the risk of heart attack is TRIPLED compared to those subjects with the lowest anger levels. Scientists even think that chronic anger could be MORE dangerous than smoking (ranked number 2 as the primary cause of death worldwide) and obesity as factors that lead to early death!

So what should we do? Let out that anger! And if you are having a hard time doing so, if you can't seem to release all that pent up rage, here's a simple recipe I have for you: grab a cold glass of water, sit on your computer, and play Tortur-O-Matic! The objective of the game is pretty simple: put the unfortunate stick figure before you through a variety of punishment machines. The more pain you inflict, the HIGHER you score in this game! Not complicated huh? And to make things even sweeter and easier, you have all of the 'tools of the trade' to do just that! Spikes that drill; large cannons that fire the stick figure away to oblivion; automatic guns that pop out of nowhere to give that stick guy new 'body piercings'; and those are just to name a few.

Let me just remind you that once you go past a machine, you can't go back. You have to move your stick figure forward and let him 'enjoy' the next one. BUT don't worry, you can sample all of the drills, guns, bombs, etc. in the game. Tortur-O-Matic has an unlimited number of stick figures / stick men you can use for your anger management (or, for some, to quench their thirst for a little violence). As for the graphics, it's very stick-esque... not overly decorated or adorned. It's just enough to get the job done. As for the music and soundtrack, you can choose from 5 different sound tracks in the game. Some of them have this 'inevitable and impending doom' kind of feel to it. Others feel like you are in for a party... that you are about to have the time of your life. And if you just want to focus on that stick figure before you and don't want to be distracted by any music of any sort, you can always mute the whole thing.

Well, I had a bad day today and I think I could use some 'modern anger management techniques' from Tortur-O-Matic. See you inside.