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Tortur-o-matic 2 Instructions

Stick figure games - there's nothing complicated about this genre as far as control schemes go. Just like it's older brother, Tortur-O-Matic 2, the game is played entirely with the keyboard... with the arrow / cursor keys to be specific. With your arrow keys, you need to move your 'victim' (which is ironic since he's in the labyrinth for criminal offense) through the maze. This maze is filled with all sorts of machines, traps, etc. that have been designed from the ground up to put pain to the helpless stick figure. Rack up the LARGEST pain score and you will top the list. There are some traps that activate a mini-game. For example: tapping the space bar key to escape so you can hurt your victim MORE; or hitting an arrow key fast. Be wary, however, as there are mini-games that will reduce the pain and, in turn, your score. While your victim will die later, you don't want him to die sooner. You want to put as MUCH pain as you can without killing him to make sure your score hits the top. That said, you have to be careful about how much pain you inflict. Oh! One more thing, there are bonuses in the game so keep your eyes open. Well, that's about everything you need to know about the controls. Let's have a closer look at the game.

Tortur-o-matic 2 Walkthrough

With the population growing by the minute, how do you think governments will deal with it in the not-so-far future? Hmmm, I could only wonder. Well, the stick figure world, apparently, has a 'creative' way of dealing with unstoppable population increase. In year 2018, the population at the stick figure world has reached an all time HIGH. The bad news is that, with it, the crime rate has reached unprecedented levels as well! The prisons are not just at full capacity... they are over-populated. Violence plagues the streets where robbers shoot down anyone they like and take anything they have. People could only beg and pray for justice.

Fortunately, the prayers of the people were answered as a controversial and new political party found its way into the public service office. Unfortunately for the criminal elements, the new guys passed even more controversial bills and laws. To start off their campaign against crime in 2019, capital punishment was brought back to bear... and thousands of criminals had to pay for their wrong-doing regardless of how slight it seemed. HOWEVER, with the people embittered by the violence they experienced at the hands of these goons, this is NOT enough. They want blood. They want violence. They want LOTS of it.

2 years after bringing capital punishment to life, 2021, the government now brings the ITM to work. Known as the Interactive Torture Machine, this machine will slowly, surely, and painfully kill ALL of those in it without even the slightest ounce of mercy or guilt. Well, It's a HUGE SUCCESS! But with the up and coming elections near, the government decided to 'win the crowd' by upgrading the ITM to ITM v2.0 known as the Labyrinth - a MORE horrific tool of torture, pain, and agony. With the top of the line military hardware, latest ion technology, PLUS the good old steel, this machine was an instant success and crowd pleaser. Criminals of all sorts are fed to the bowels of this machine.

And now, it's up to you to decide the faith of these goons.

Tortur-O-Matic 2 came with MORE niceties and improvements that will surely please the fans of the original game. Back then, you only have one screen full of traps and torture machines. For some, it's good enough BUT not for others. So for a treat, Tortur-O-Matic 2 now has 4 screens FULL of traps and there are well over 70 different and horrific methods of torture that will make the faint-hearted cover his eyes while playing. Instead of having one method of death on the original (which is dying by plunging the victim to a pool of lava), there are 20 different deaths in Tortur-O-Matic 2.

To make the deal even sweeter, there are button bashing and QTE mini-games to make sure the process of 'serving justice' doesn't bore you. Oh! And if you want to score more, go for Irony Bonuses. For example, for an arsonist, setting him on fire will increase your score. And to top everything off, there's far more freedom and control when choosing which traps to use and for how long you should use them.

Anyway, enough chit-chat fellas. There's a long line of criminals that need to be fed into the perpetually-working Labyrinth. Time to get to work and serve these goons the pain and torture they deserve.