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Way of the Exploding Stick Instructions

Are you a HUGE Xiao Xiao fan? Yeah? Then you will surely enjoy this game! The Way of the Exploding Stick's control scheme is typical for the side scrolling adventure / stick figure games genre. For basic movement... for running to the left and right; jumping; and ducking, you just need to use your keyboard's arrow keys. As for the attacking and other advanced movements, check this out: (1) Pressing S executes the double attack. (2) Hitting the X button, on the other hand, is for pulling off the Spin Kick. (3) Want to do a Quick Jab? Press the D button. (4) Deliver a quick kick to the face with the C button. (5) Pressing S + X + S in quick succession will execute the Triple Scissor Kick... a signature Xiao Xiao move! (6) Press X while jumping to do an Air Attack. (7) And last BUT not the least, press V to throw your enemies!

Way of the Exploding Stick Walkthrough

In the Way of the Exploding Stick, you are the exploding stick! What makes you so explosive in this stick figure game? Well, you are the only stick figure out there who has the knowledge of a dead martial art. Unfortunately, the other stick figures don't like it... and they have decided to come after you. And these guys do know how to fight as well. Armed with their own devastating martial arts, it's going to be a tough battle ahead believe me.

There's really nothing revealing or extra ordinary about Way of the Exploding Stick. It's just like other side scrolling adventure / stick figure games out there. HOWEVER, what it does it does REALLY well. The stick game has smooth graphics and animation. There are no hang ups or laggy moments as far as game play goes. BUT that doesn't mean this game is perfect. For one thing, it doesn't have a sound track! Well, I guess that's better than slapping a repetitive and boring music to it... and that means can listen to whatever you want to listen to when playing this game. BUT still, a game without a soundtrack is a game without a sound track, there's no way around it.

Nevertheless, if you are a HUGE fan of Xiao Xiao, if you are someone who can't get enough of side scrolling and adventure stick figure games, Way of the Exploding Stick is a game you should check out. I believe the developer is on his way to creating a BIGGER and BETTER sequel... and I can't wait for it to come out.