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wpnFire Instructions

Controls can be configured through the main menu but the default controls are: 'a' to move left, 'd' to move right, 's' to crouch, 'w' to jump, 'space' to kick, 'e' to select the next weapon, 'q' to select previous weapon, and 'r' to detonate mines. Aim weapons with your mouse and use the left mouse button to fire. To quit hit enter and 'p' to pause the game.

wpnFire Walkthrough

wpnFire is an excellent stick figure game that offers all the fun of killing zombies, blowing things up and several different game modes to accomplish all of the above. If you prefer the arrow keys you can configure the controls to make them for comfortable for you to use, however, you may have a hard time using the mouse to aim and fire. The training level helps you get used to navigating the game however with no enemies to kill, it can be difficult to get used to aiming. If you aren't used to using your mouse for these functions in games, you may want to plan on dying a few times while you get the hang of it.

If you are having trouble getting the hang of aiming and firing, try a few rounds in zombie survival mode. This mode gives you the chance to get used to aiming and firing at zombies while you move around and try to avoid attack. You'll also have the chance to get used to changing weapons when you run out of ammo and learn what kind of weapon works best on the zombies and what is least effect. Survival mode is a good next step as you'll face off against different kinds of enemies.

Zombies are slow and his only real defense is to attack you when you get to close. He does deliver a lot of damage with his attack though, so your best bet is to take him out from a distance and avoid letting him get his hands on you. The knight is a worthy opponent, but he can't take much damage. He is fast and delivers a hard attack, but he is also easy to kill. Take him out in a hail of gunfire as quickly as you can. Your best bet with the grunt, the enemy with the helmet, is to try to duck below his bullets and shoot from there or jump over him and fire down while you are above him. Take the opposite approach with the frog. Start shooting the frog from a distance then run under him when he jumps. With the Greens, the ball looking enemy with the stringy stuff on the bottom, you need to jump over him and shoot down. He has a powerful attack and is hard to kill.

With a multitude of modes to choose from you have the opportunity to hone your skills before delving into adventure mode or simply play the mode you find most fun. The graphics are good considering the genre and the game is challenging. Overall this is an excellent stickman game for anyone interested in this genre of gaming from beginners to advanced players.