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Rating: 4.45/5 stars (49 ratings)

Xiao Xiao 4 Instructions

Aim with mouse or touchpad. Shoot with left mousebutton. Reload with space bar.

Xiao Xiao 4 Walkthrough

The Xiao Xiao series is a classic in both animated stickman movies and games and Xiao Xiao 4, the second game in the series shows why. This game is a fantastic first person shooter game that is not only fun but completely addictive. As you make your way through the game, all you have to do is point, shoot and reload but that is far more difficult than it sounds. Bad guys are popping out of everywhere not only shooting at you but attacking you with knives, gernades, flame throwers and even boxes for some reason. The action is fast paced and will keep your heart pumping throughout the entire game.

The graphics in Xiao Xiao 4 are very basic but very well done. The game is played almost entirely in black and white with only the occasional weapon and, of course, the blood, in color. The game isn't so gory that the squeamish will have a hard time stomaching it, but has enough of the red stuff to satisfy the gore-hounds. The game looks slick and professional without becoming over the top and distracting.

Use bullets sparingly because each time you reload you will still be under fire and still be getting hit. If you choose to start on a level other than hard, keep an eye on what's happening in the game before you hit continue. Your enemies will still be firing on you while you are waiting to click continue. Try to time it so that you have just been hit so you'll have a moment to defend yourself before getting hit by a round of bullets.

The truly great thing about this game is that it's really for everyone. A novice to the genre of first person shooters can start on 'Easy' and hone their skills while more advanced players can choose from either the 'Normal' or 'Hard' difficulty settings. If you choose to start on 'Easy' you will start the game with nine lives. Each time your health reaches zero, you will be given to the count of nine to choose to continue. On 'Normal' you will begin the game with three lives. On 'Hard' you will one have one shot. Once you die it is game over. This game is a stickman masterpiece and destined to be a classic.